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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
thursay, i feel like i didnt get much done. finished a cle, left a message for my late boss's son at a buddhist temple in nyc, got tommy's meds, he's sick this week, bought a space heater, paid
the internet bill, fixed the leaky tire, sold a chainsaw and a broken tv. offered free tickets to a comedy show. checked my blood pressure.
so i did not do the things on my list. not sure i ever got the list written down. it felt cold wet and depressing. .i'm happy to have scotty may staying at the house now; i picked him up last night
the lilly foundation gave 50 milion in grants, some of which will go into our general area, so yay i guess.
i am at the dr's now. going ok so far. at least i got out of bed.
i have a dr appointment on monday, trying to get into the system for some medical care, which i have mixed feelings about.
i'll be watching to see if the meds make tommy into even more of a zombie. i will probably crash now, possibly work but that seems unlikely.
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