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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
went to the orientation at the new job. didn't actually wash any dishes today, did not get fired tho. really liked my coworkers.
i walked thru first friday an hour before it opened, because it was on the way home, and i'm not going out again.
the restaurant is run by a lawyer, so there's 401ks, antiharassment poliices, all that corporate stuff, but a really good vibe, i hope i can keep this job.
up 6:30, plasma, scrap yard, made lunch, orientation at work, made dinner, crashing now.
tommy puked all night. that boy has serious medical problems way beyond my ability to care for.
saturday i'm in bed all day, but when my laptop broke i fixed it. found a software fix to a hardware problem, the internet button wouln't turn green from orange. i need to go buy a fone.
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arbi says:

letter to my sister; am trying the coconut oil, finding it hard to get myself to eat enough, an the new job, however long i keep it, will take more calories, so i'll wind up having to go buy food, so even less money to spend on the bills, etc., but, if i can keep the job somehow, it's a french bistro all made from scratch grown locally very progressive and friendly so way better than the usual job, i just doubt i'll be able to hack it. it's a long commute and someday i'll oversleep and get fired. i went to my church and got a few loaves of bread from their food pantry, and found a list of local food pantries i'll need to check out. called mom, jeanie just went back to hawaii. cleaned the yard until my back hurt enough to stop. i have several roommates who are going to be with me for wednesay's scary meeting with the social worker, and the new guy scotty, has a great attitude and is good at cleaning so i hope that will be a net positive. i'm having a little trouble sorting out all my different appointments. wrote to lindy because it was her birthday, but that's a bridge i burned long ago. i guess i'll go have more rice an eggs an maybe a pbj. i took a bath an sorte clothes an cleane my room a bit - yesteray i didnt get out of bed. thank you for listening, i'm enjoying these discussions.
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