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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
today i bought a phone. cricket, $80, $37 ish a month, when i already can't afford food..i paid the water bill, minimum payments on my bank accounts, brian left. i'm way ****ed at him because of how
he left the room. trash and **** bottles and such. so now i need to learn to use a phone,, although we can't bring it to work.
meanwhile, sold the other house, if it closes. i might see $10k out f it, still a small net loss but pretty much a wash. it could still fall apart.
and the aclu will make a call to see if the county will settle my lawsuit, but they will say no. rescheduled my doctor, well not yet.but sent notices to reschedule.
we were up at 4 am cleaning, and tommy made good tomato soup. i ate well. i'llfit in one more meal.
now i'll need to sell the volvos. get rid of the trash somehow. pay off the bank. not get fired yet? busy day.
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