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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
it is now a whole week later. it's important i keep up with these. because my memory is poor. wednesday met with tom and social workers. thursday talked to scott who thinks he can do the things on
their lists. he's not very reliable though. friday saturday i worked. sunday i wrote whiny emails to my siblings. short call to mom. monday hardware store, tuesay $200 fix car window. $50 labor, memo
martinez fixed the shower, although i got the wrong part so i now i dont have a bath, just a shower. $50 computer from dawn.
wednesday took a shower. oh i have to check my emails and make a call to title company.
i did plasma, scrap yard, bought gas, peer support group, laundry, chat w scott about chores. he shoveled the walk, i took out the trash. dove some food. it's never enough.
tomorrow doctor, food bank, maybe go by 1116 rural.
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