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by choadwarrior
Bottle of chardonnay. Anything else?
I need to pick up my prescription for Xanax.
Chardonnay and Xanax?
I might not look like it, but I'm a suburban housewife.

by choadwarrior
My homeworld is pretty much just giant rocks and generic backdrop, which is why I built a sumptuous love palace to entertain passing Starfleet officers. You ought to join me there.
Great! I'll have have some Romulan ale beamed down and meet you there.
Excuse me, Captain...
Why are you interupting here? Can't you see I'm trying to score?
My readings indicate this planet is lame. We should go somewhere else.
Dude, please don't Spock-Block me.

by choadwarrior
That vintage Wonder Woman over there is your girlfriend?
Pretty hot, eh?
How does she stay in such great condition?
I've never played with her.

by kaufman
Lenin and McCommie
o/` It's been a hard day's night. And I've been working like a proletariat!
Oh yeah, I tell you something, I think you'll understand, When I say that something. I've got a five-year plan! o/`

by dcomposed
I thought my date last night went pretty well but I'm really confused by this text he sent me this morning.
What does it say?
It says 😁🍆🐴🕛😉. Any idea what that means?
I think it means that you're a pedophile.

by dcomposed
So how are you finding single life?
Well it's nice relaxing on my own but there are times I wish I still had a boyfriend.
Like when you are lying in bed and want someone to cuddle with? Or when you go out and everyone else is in a couple?
More like when I can't be arsed making a cup of tea.

by dcomposed
Ok Phil the beaver formation is working and you're all doing well with the hopscotch passing method. But they are moving into our touchzone too often so we're going to have to try the tickle defense.
Whose **** did you suck to be made head coach?
What? That's outrageous! I got this positon based on my merits!
What merits?
...I'm the only black man in town.

by suzannebowen
Bla bla bla bla bla
I feel blah sometimes, too.
Who's talking? You or me?
[Heavy sigh.]

by choadwarrior
I don't know how you stay so calm when **** like this goes down.
I was in EMS and risk management in my early career.
So I know how to handle crisis situations.
Daily life, not so much.

by Cobb
why the long face?
i just realized the horrible fact that i'm going to get sick and die.
and all people will care about is how much it costs the system.
ahh. you've been watching c-span again.
i wonder if i can get disability.

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