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by dcomposed
So how are you finding single life?
Well it's nice relaxing on my own but there are times I wish I still had a boyfriend.
Like when you are lying in bed and want someone to cuddle with? Or when you go out and everyone else is in a couple?
More like when I can't be arsed making a cup of tea.

by dcomposed
Ok Phil the beaver formation is working and you're all doing well with the hopscotch passing method. But they are moving into our touchzone too often so we're going to have to try the tickle defense.
Whose **** did you suck to be made head coach?
What? That's outrageous! I got this positon based on my merits!
What merits?
...I'm the only black man in town.

by suzannebowen
Bla bla bla bla bla
I feel blah sometimes, too.
Who's talking? You or me?
[Heavy sigh.]

by choadwarrior
I don't know how you stay so calm when **** like this goes down.
I was in EMS and risk management in my early career.
So I know how to handle crisis situations.
Daily life, not so much.

by Cobb
why the long face?
i just realized the horrible fact that i'm going to get sick and die.
and all people will care about is how much it costs the system.
ahh. you've been watching c-span again.
i wonder if i can get disability.

by Cobb
the pattern is that all trump's enemies think he's stupid, and all trump supporters don't care.
so you tweet contradictory nonsense every day.
to get ahead of the news cycle and get every reaction from every opposing side.
i don't see how that helps.
we only promised five things. four years is a long time to actually shutup and work.
i see you don't tweet his golf scores.

by Cobb
i don't understand that if the fbi and the russians and god only knows who else can hack hillary clinton's emails...
everything is hackable. you can't trust anything stored in a computer.
yeah but only a few people get in trouble for being hacked.
it's why we in the trump administration use contradictory simple minded tweets.
we're establishing a pattern.

by Cobb
ok i think i get it. the fbi hacked sanders and found information about hillary clinton.
yes. that she had used an insecure email server that could be hacked.
but if the fbi hacked sanders, then surely they could have hacked clinton.
just like the russians did.
but if everybody is hackable by the russians and the fbi...

by Cobb
the new york times is now saying that pressure was put on the fbi by the attorney general to protect hillary clinton.
lynch owed soros a favor.
but you said soros leaked to sanders. i thought soros liked clinton.
he did. he was just trying to set sanders up by routing negative info about clinton through him.
but sanders didn't..
right. the fbi hacked sanders. keep up, dude.

by Cobb
how on earth did trump create a cabinet level secretary of chaos? is that even constitutional?
technically speaking, i'm the choas czar. presidents can create czars without congressional approval.
and you're funded how?

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