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by choadwarrior
My advisors have suggested I increase funding to NASA for space exploration and colonization, but I know better.
Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids.
In fact, it's cold as hell.

by choadwarrior
The pills I'm giving you are very strong, so you should only use them for a few days.
How many are you prescribing?
A thirty day supply.
Why are you giving me more than I need?
To save another office visit the next time you get an owie, you *****.

by choadwarrior
I want you to stay off your feet for the next few days
I will also write you a prescription for pain medication.
Any questions on these instructions?
Lay my ass on the couch and do drugs. Got it.

by choadwarrior
I think the barista masturbated into my coffee.
Um...we're...uh... test marketing new seasonal drink.
OH, REALLY!!!! And what is this new drink called?
The...uh...Spunkin' Spice Ejaculatte.
Do you REALLY expect me to believe that?
It worked with our Fap-fap-fapuccino.

by kaufman
Tell me, what are you looking at?
Let's see. With this eye that tree over there, with this one that house, with this one, that blade of grass, with this one, that nice pile of ****, with this one the cow, ...
with this one, the third bird flying up there, with this one, the person reading this comic, with this one that discarded beer bottle, with this one that other blade...
Sheesh. Never mind, forget I asked!
... of grass ... Hey, where are you going? I have 9,991 more things to tell you about!

by choadwarrior
Time Magazine says that your cell phone is 10 times filthier than a public toilet seat.
Sounds like a story for Poosweek.
Or, Squirts Illustrated.
Diarrheader's Digest.
Scat Fancy
Men's Urinal

by choadwarrior
Jesus, you're playing Earth? I haven't touched that game in thousands of years.
Me neither.
I had fun building civilizations then wiping them out, but got bored of it after a while.
I thought the game was over when I died, but I guess I had another life.
So you just picked up where you left off?
Yeah, but when I came back everyone turned into an *******.

by choadwarrior
I don't know why you worship that cow.
It's a bit unflattering.
That outfit looks totally good on you. You should wear it all the time.
Don't even THINK of looking at another worman!
It's okay, I'm gay.

by choadwarrior
A Southern California man who broke into a house and forgot to flush the toilet was identified by what he left behind.
He should have made a clean getaway.
Police matched his DNA profile to FBI records.
It doesn't pay to be a turd burglar.
I knew he'd be the butt of your jokes.
Hoisted by his own pootard.

by kaufman
And how was your meal, sir?
The pancakes were wonderful, the eggs delicious...
... but the cereal was awful! I've never tasted anything so bad. It was inedibly stale!
Of course it was, sir. We use only the most ancient of grains!

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