these aren't funny. part to do list, part accomplishments and failures.

by arbi
didn't hardly get out of bed. just the stumble to the computer and coffee pot. got a nice emailed response from a telemarketer that shouldn't have called me. blogged a little.
didn't fix the leak in the bathroom or go to the hardware store or make 2 calls or open mail or .. much of anything. get up, blog, notice it's dark.
like i was telling my lawyer yesterday, i'm feeling better lately because it's calm. i still have no get up and go., no vim or vigor
something burning somewhere but not me, probably next door. i get their cooking smells a lot.
now that's it's dark, maybe it's time to plan the day.
1) rest up after hard day yesterday. yeah that's the ticket.
this just in: washington state recount still tied.

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