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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
day 22. i got up bright and early and wroteout my list for the day.
i did a 1 hour CLE and paid $100 on the electric bill and $100 on the water billand made sure the internet bill won't be due till i get home. i have one credit card to bill to pay.
and that was all i got done today. i mean sure i showered ate took a walk sorted laundry learned about credit ratings from youtube, did the usual stuff on reddit.
i sorted out my expense records for january. still need to do feb thru july. was going to start loan arranger class today, but i have misplaced its url.
noisy guy is making too much noise for me to concentrate, although that's just an excuse.
i need to call tommy, write back to two lawyers and one airline, and do a paragraph on my book. but i'm not sure any of that will happen today.
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arbitrary says:

knocked out a page of the memo/book/thing. just to get started. now i have an hour to try to do one of the 5 shirt letters I need to send. maybe i'll call tommy.
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arbitrary says:

Hi jamie. Thanks for getting in touch. I wasn't clear how much info you had and why I'm requesting a refund or other accomodation. I have a few minutes now and will provide more detail. i was in phoenix trying to get home. i had a right, per your rules, to change my ticket,a ticket from phoenix to st louis, to one for phoenix to indianapolis. indianapolis is where i was going. but the ticket agent i talked to refused to let me change my ticket. she was willing to sell me a whole new ticket, but i could not afford that. i was not happy with this situation,or convinced that i had gotten good customer service, so i approached another ticket agent. she greeted me with a friendly smile but when i explained what i wanted she became cold and hostile and in an east german accent said that would be impossible, that i could not change my ticket. i then went to the gate. i spoke to your staff person at the gate,and again asked if i could change my ticket to st louis to one for indianapolis. i was told no. i went ahead and took the flight to st louis, and took a train to the greyhound station, a bus to indy, a city bus to the airport, and arrived back at my car 25 hours after my trip started. i missed a day of work, $120 plus a write-up for missing work. the bus ticket was $110, as well as $5 for the train and $2 for busfare to the airport, subtotal $237. when i got to st louis your staff person was friendly and attentive but not able to help, and did not for example give me a ticket from st louis to indy,or anything else. it was not until i was on the plane that i learned about your coid response rules, under which all three of the people i talked to should have changed my ticket. the price was the same for the indianapolis flight as the st louis flight, which was actually more full. i would have been willing to pay the difference in price if a few dollars if there was one; i don't recall the exact price but they were both around $250. i want my ticket price refunded. more importantly to your end of things,you folks have a training problem. all three of your representatives i spoke to did not follow your own rules. this suggests that it's not just these three, but that your staff doesn't know your own rules, and needs training, so that this doesn't happen again. for my next trip, i took southwest and will be going back via spirit. this is the first time i've ever had a problem with american. how this came up was that on a thursday night i learned that if i could get to phoenix on monday i could interview for a $12,000 contract gig. i was able to get to phoenix via southwest, but return tickets were out of my price range and for a awhile i thought i couldnt go. but then i realized i could fly to st louis, bus from there, and keep within my travel budget. later the price of a return ticket to indianapolis dropped back to about the same as my st louis flight, which is why i asked for the exchange. Extending our Global Flexibility Waiver Today, we are further enhancing our offer to extend ticket validity and waive change fees for customers who purchase travel through September 2020. Additional updates on existing travel alerts can be found on SalesLink. For any ticket purchased and travel is on or before September 30, 2020, the change fee may be waived. This offer is available for any of American's fares, and for an itinerary change, customers will have until December 31, 2021 for future travel. In some instances a fare difference may apply. In addition, if you have an unused ticket with an expiration date that is between March 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020, the value of your unused ticket can be used for travel through December 31, 2021. Customers are allowed to change their origin and destination cities as part of this offer. It shouldn't matter, but I'll point out that I'm an attorney and have some experience at being persistent in pursuing consumer disputes, litigating only when absolutely necessary. Publicity is sometimes more effective; you may remember"united breaks guitars". I hope that I've helped you by bringing to your attention that your phoenix ticket and gate staff needs some retraining. Please promptly refund my ticket. Sincerely, Arbitrary Aardvark
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