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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
this morning i was in a study in phoenix.
now i'm home in my bed. coffee and a drink.
watering my plants, seeing the same stacks of mail that were here when i left.
on the plane, $280, i finished the third book about amazon. on the bus, $5, i checked my mail and revised my resume,just to kill time.
so now it's time to make a whole new to do list since i unexpectedly have august free.
1. waste time on reddit and youtube 2. keep not writing that book.
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arbitrary says:

april to july, it was my full time job, when my usual gigs dried up. 40 hrs/wk. did plasma twice a week for an extra $90/wk. i own my shack and my van. i support a dependant. i also have a roommate, an alcoholic hobo sous chef who pays $200/mo which i use for utilities. i have a side hustle that brings in free food for us. so the money was fine. i lived off the plasma and put my paychecks in the bank, saving for an investment opportunity that has since gone away. i quit for a gig that didn't work out, but i'll be back for peak. i made $6000 at amazon which is a little less than i paid for my shack. i live in a rustbelt city in a not so good neighborhood. permalinkembedsaveeditdisable inbox repliesdeletereply [–]AgentReynardMuldrake 12 points 10 hours ago Holy fuck, your life is like a Charles Bukowski story that gained sentience. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply [–]arbivark 4 points 10 hours ago* I've never read Bukowski. I actually got fired from my current gig while writing the above paragraph, so i'm headed to the airport soon. His work addresses the ordinary lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, alcohol, relationships with women, and the drudgery of work. sounds cool. i have more of a writer's block than he did. edit: i was on the plane with no wifi, so i read the bukowski entry i had open. interesting guy. i get why starving artists types keep mentioning him. next time i'm doing a spoken word open mike night, i might just read off the titles of his publications.
posted Aug 1st ( permalink )

DBoba says:

Sounds like a dark hole you're in...I was there too...a long long time ago..back in the mid 80s when everybody else was prospering....I stuck to what I do and lifted myself out of was a very slow ride..but I made sure to never allow myself to surrender to despair....I kept my eye on the dream..even if it only meant I was entertaining gave my life just that singular amount of is a funny thing....the greatest of artists actually die in poverty and despair..while the most rich and famous among them die of keep it real..I know I 'raz" you a lot in this medium, but I do love reading what you are posting....i feel a bit more of a sense of "comradery" now that I read this's definitely "from the heart"....persevere!
posted Aug 2nd ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

hey thanks man. i am very comfortably poor; i am in no position to complain about my lot. i get to have adventures. happy to share them here. yesterday i was libeled and fired and flew home and slept in my own i watched nero wolfe videos and my houseboy brought me coffee in bed. so i am doing fine. i am momentarily unemployed, and probably just lost my biggest contract, but i've already made enough money to last the year, i have gigs lined up for the fall, and all is right with the world. this last project brought me two new grudges; an an avenging aardvark i kind of enjoy those.
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arbitrary says:

(continuing the above saga) You should've bought options on it. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply [–]arbivark 1 point 20 minutes ago* i know, i know! no one was at the lincoln schwab office when i went in january; it's a small regional office where they want you to make an appointment and i hadn't. i have an aversion to using phones. by the time i got approved for options trading in march, the price had gone way up and i didnt jump in. at the /r/teslainvestorsclub, with my one share i hang out with people who made over a $ million with options contracts in that same time frame. i was a little gunshy about getting back into the market because in 2001 i had 200,000 shares of converse when it went bankrupt and wiped me out. the reason i have one share is i was testingmy new account to make sure i had it set up right. i was planning to get 10 shares but put it off too long. two years ago i was flipping a shack i'd bought for $8,000. i had a verbal offer of $30,000,and was planning to put most of it into tesla at around $210, but the guy backed out. sold it later for $15,000 but closing costs and fines ate all my profits, so bought no tesla at that time.
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