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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
today i slept in after being up all night from my first cup of coffee in a month. i watched nero wolfe videos, tim hutton as archie goodwin.
when i was 16 my grandmother got me a subscription to ellery queens mystery magazine for a year. nero wolfe was this fat old guy who would tend orchids and solve crimes by thinking about them,
i took a walk outside to check on my flowers and tomatoes, and went through a month of junk mail.
while archie ran around doing the legwork. so now i tend orchids, but only rarely solve crimes.
shortly i'll go shopping and drop off the recycling. i need to prioritize getting ths room cleaned up a bit. there are ants on this one stack of mail from federal court.
i'm the arbitrary aardvark. i fight crime. i'm not very good at it. crime usually wins.
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arbitrary says:

sorted mail weed garden $15 gas groceries cleaned fridge put away dishes to do 1 put away groceries 4. buy tv with tommy 2 wash pillows. 3 wash kitchen floor under shelf. 4 mint for kitchen 5 dishes. make ice. 6 clean car. tuesday: oil change, struts, shocks 7 get mail from pobox. 8 star debit card 9 email phoenix 10 call mom 11 begin clean room 12 move plants 13 make better list 14 notarize deposition
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