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i am previously known as arbi. this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
day 2 was intense. i got in, just barely, then my blood pressure was too high all during the study. i had a tube in my left arm to put the drug in with, and a tube in my right for blood samples,
and 12 electrodes for the holter monitor, so my computer was turned off for that day. we had to lie flat sometimes for hours. and piss in a bottle.
day 3 was easy. a few blood draws, more ekgs, pretty relaxed. i reread a grisham novel then reddit once we got our computers back.
this morning we checked out. they won't let me come back without approval from my doctor because of the high blood pressure, which would be a hassle, except i never go to this clinic anyway.
i drove rt 40, panicing over the bridge over the bay, so i better take i-95 next time, which is monday. got a check for around $1500 today, thhe rest monday.
got a lead on 2 new places to do studies, looking into it. bought a pair of pale blue converse, $7.
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