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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
got up early, gave mom her insulin shot, bought her some donuts, got on the road to do plasma, bought gas $42, did plasma $51. i should go unload the van. dinner was lasagna soup.
i waited an hour at the bmv but i was writing a memo and didnt notice when they called my number so i gave up instead of wasting another hour. good memo.
i forgot to do comics for a week. same old routine. one day i went to pennsylvania on a whim and bought crocuses and narcisis. that place was hiring but i didnt bother; a job would cut into my reddit
time and plasma gives me enough to live on. oh i bought flower seeds and supplies today $10 because it's march. so i could start some more plants.
my default rule is buy nothing, but i do like to get in a little gardening. looked at fruit trees at lowes today, did not buy. going to philly friday to screen for a medical study. doesn't pay much,
but it's interesting and i can do most of it from home. maybe i'll go to the strip club tonight but i wind up never yet going. drove by it today. i would have to hit up the atm.
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arbitrary says:

spent 31 on ebay to get 4 cups and saucers that match mom's pattern. we broke all the cups around 1970.
posted Mar 10th ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

I heard the lacrosse team at los angelos international has been shirking. Lax LAX LaX. this wouldn't post where i wrote it for.
posted Mar 10th ( permalink )

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