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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
today i finally got my electric back on, which was an ordeal, but it's done. cleaned the fridge. bath. laundry. emailed tommy. groceries. "fixed" the power steering with honda steering fluid. put the
new plates on. cleaned the house for a hour. killed a mouse.bought moosetraps. applied at hooters. got rid of some fees at star bank by telling them to close the account. $1200 there.
where's my power cord? where's my other shoe? whats the modem password? more to do. dishes next,
saturday. found the power cord. haven't found the shoe. cleaned for 3 hours. three loads of dishes, trimmed the front garden, swept cobwebs, turned the fridge on, several loads of trash, sweeping,
i'm on a break at the library. i guess they close soon, maybe i'll go downtown and wander around. i entered my car expense data. yup, there's the closing soon announcement. so all for now.
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arbitrary says:

how to turn on electric: i filed a complaint online with the public utility commission. then i went to the head office of the lectric company, because their billing office is closed forever. security guard was hostile. she's now jane doe in the complaint. she ordered me to leave, but also lied and told me to go to billing office. i went, but it's still closed forever. went back, took her picture, asked her her name, got ordered to leave again. met with public utility commission, nice folks. went to the bus station, found indy's last remaining pay phone. got change, but the phone ate it. went to a bar, had a ginger ale, got more change, made my call, got the electric back on. emails from the electric company and the commission. once you file a complaint, they are much more cooperative. so i don't have working internet yet, but being able to take a hot bath, make coffee, etc., is kind of wonderful. and it's a new dispute; i'll have some fun with it until i get bored of it.
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