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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
too many comics showed up so i volunteered not to go up. i did plasma in the morning +$100, and finally cleaned the kitchen counter.
slept all day after i was up all night. brian caught mouse #22.
i only got 3 boxes of groceries on the way home. might go out for more. took the recycling downtown, brought in the trash containers, did some gardening.
tomorrow there's more mail to sort, bills to pay. lists to make. i'm pretty tired. it's hot and i'm sluggish.
friday i printed and mailed a complaint to the hendricks county election board after a sheriff canddiate left a disclaimer off a postcard. and i worked on the brief a little, and did a
first draft of a letter to indiana's new secretary of state, about the unconstitutional disclaimer statute.
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arbitrary says:

i emailed a lawyer friend, and printed off free passes to the strip club bj and i are headed off to.
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