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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
it's sunday. i caught up on sleep. i didn't go to church at 10:45 or trivia at 6 pm, but i went to food not bombs, and dumpster dived my way home.
all i found was a rug and bag of shoes and a box of chocolare, tea, coffee, peanut butter, etc.
killed mice 26-29, and bj saw a rat.
the front yard is getting out of hand, so i need to clean it and the van, when i get some time and energy.
let's see, today i was going to make a list. that hasn't happened. things aren't going well at mom's, so maybe i'll end up going back there in december. it's all tentative right now.
i didnt go to the state fair today. i do want to go one more time before it closes this week. it's cheapest on thursday, but tomorrow is open.
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