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by andydougan
Why is it unacceptable to play Gary Glitter songs, but Michael Jackson ones are still okay?
That reminds me of this strip:
Fuck, that was more than a decade ago. And what have I achieved in that time?
Are we supposed to act like we're not quite sure he was a boy toucher?
But on the plus side, the next ten years will be much worse.

by andydougan
They're making more and more cutlery in Pakistan.
I'm sorry. That was uncalled for.
Some of it may even approach usability.
FUCKING SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

by andydougan
Mullah Omar
...and proceeded to blow his ****ing **** off. Frank Gardner, BBC News.
'kin' 'ell!
I can't believe Osama's really gone.
I know. It seems like only yesterday we all stormed Kabul, hacked off Najibullah's *****, and fed it to his children.
There's a new star in the heavens tonight.
I think that's a daisy cutter.

by andydougan
Intoxicants: check.
Gadget from Rescue Rangers porn: check.
A lifetime of humiliation, resentment and rage which I lack the courage to direct anywhere but inwards: check.
Did you do anything nice this weekend?
Cried, mostly.

by andydougan
At work
Hi, Susan? I'm phoning about our his problems with...uh...
I'll be honest. I was just calling to hear your voice. We've never met, but our brief, playful exchanges are all that keep me from downing a bottle of paracetamol.
I delay calling you so I can experience the frisson of anticipation all day. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep imagining the life we could live together.
I'm 56, married, and a thalidomide baby.
Could you at least friend me on Facebook so I can look at pictures of your clothed tits?

by andydougan
So the man in the pointy hat's coming to Glasgow this week to perform some voodoo.
Yay! Fuck the Queen and the UDA!
Don't you object to his involvement in the Church abuse scandal?
Nah. Covering up the odd bit of child **** hardly makes him stand out amongst the scum that we usually entertain.
Like when Kim Howells welcomed King Abdullah because of Britain's "shared values" with Saudi.
He was right, though. I'd quite like to see Kim Howells get his head cut off.

by andydougan
My tear ducts are getting worn out through overuse. Any tips?
Try sticking your head under a train.
I wonder if it should be a cause for concern that I've been doing comics on this subject for the better part of a decade.
Not for me. Or anyone who's not you.
Every year I tell myself that the next will make it all worthwhile. But the light at the end of the tunnel is like the horizon. It moves with me. The future never becomes the present.

by andydougan
At the end of a hard day, I like nothing better than to run a hot bath, pour a big mug of cocoa, put my feet up...
...and dig out Bono's thyroid cartilage with a blunt, rusty, ****-covered trowel.
The simple pleasures are the best.
The only problem is trying not to ejaculate too quickly.

by andydougan
Who's smarter: Jesus or Reed Richards?
Jesus. He invented the phrase "Jesus Christ!!!".
Doesn't take much brains. Reed Richards charted the Negative Zone.
Jesus could make the blind walk, and the lame ****.
Could he make sad ****s who read Marvel Comics ****?
Maybe with prep time.

by andydougan
Who would win out of the Hulk and Jesus?
Jesus would probably just shoot the Hulk into outer space.
Actually I think this happened in the comics.
Jesus shot the hulk into outer space?
Or it might have been Reed Richards.

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