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"Actually, it's rather funny, but don't tell anyone I said that." -RandomComicLayoutGuy

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by atomiclunch
Lunchtime at Chez 'Lunch and 'Lunch is contemplating his midday meal.
Let's see, what should 'Lunch have for lunch today? I've got beef-a-roni, a slice of old cheese, nutmeg and - wait, that's an unfamiliar voice...
Welcome to the Weather Channel, today's top story: a crowd of protesters had a coughing fit in Nebraska and generated
She's new. I wonder what her name is.
an unprecedented virus-laden tornado that is cutting a swath of destruction and infection through that state at 50 mph. More details as they emerge...
Hi, I'm Colleen Coyle and we're suddenly noticing a rapid temperature increase in the San Francisco area.
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