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"Actually, it's rather funny, but don't tell anyone I said that." -RandomComicLayoutGuy

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by atomiclunch
"You like her, eh?"
Yes, she's quite lovely. Prettiest girl I've seen on there in a long time, as a matter of fact.
The covidnado is gaining strength due to the cough power of those it infects, this may be the end, folks. *KICK* *SLAM* Noone steals my #1 fan, beeyotch! Hope your medical has kicked in!
She's your new thang, then? New favorite?
Heavens no. She's adorable but absolutely nobody can replace Maria, my doyenne of the dewpoint will always be my #1 unattainable squeeze.
Awwwww! ------------------ Awwwww!
❤❤ Maria! What a surprise! Are you back on TWC? ❤❤
*SHOVE* OOF ------------------------ HI! Nope, just stopped in to see you, ya mook!
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