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Ow! Ow! Ow!
Let that be a lesson to you!
How can it be a lesson if I have no idea my you tae kwon do'd my nuts?
Search deep inside the recesses of your infantile mind and only then will you understand the consequences of your actions.
Wait... Is this because I left the light on in the front bathroom???

by russman
You are so lucky to be in the presence of pure genius.
That's me. Livin' the dream.
When the throng arrives your job is to allow them to be close to true beauty but don't let them put their grimy hands on it.
Can you tell me what the picture is supposed to mean.
I could, but it's not something someone with your limitations would be able to understand.
I'm so glad I brought cheese puffs for lunch. I think I'll share them with the throng.

by Makin_d_bacon
When I say "NOW"...flip the switch! Raise your hand if you have any questions?
This is extremely high voltage! Are you absolutely sure now?
SHIT! You just couldn't wait, could ya?
Did I flip it too soon?

by Makin_d_bacon
Before the battle....
Here come the Ninjas....
...of good & evil for battle!
Fuck you, ass-hole! I'm gonna chop off your head & **** down your neck!
That may be the outcome but I will fight with honor to bring glory to our Lord!
After the battle.....
They musta switched outfits!
Yeah, switched outfits. That's the ticket!

by Makin_d_bacon
Am I in trouble?
You wet the bed again Timmy. What do you think?
So are YOU gonna punish me or is Dad?
I believe it will be your father as he always says the punishment must fit the crime.
So, you like wetting the bed, do you boy?
Why can't he just spank me?

by Ranger77
Steve Bannon will heal this country. That's all I have to say about that. Next question?
Can we talk to him? Maybe an interview will soften his image?
An hour ago....
The smell I like the most is that of a woman's inner thigh when she screams in anger against a man who threatens her self-esteem while holding a six pack of Klondike bars. You can't. He's busy.
How about that that HUD guy? I hear he spends the day watching Jefferson's reruns on Netflix....

by Ranger77
Steve, help me out here. I'm having trouble defending you. And you don't look well. Are you sick?
The snowflakes and cucks are meaningless when you see blood so dark it appears black, run freely over the Master Equation of Righteousness.
Yeah THAT ****. You gotta pull back bro.
I ate a live parrot this morning. It sang songs of misery and dispair in my throat as it died in glorious ecstasy...

by russman
Remember when we were kids watching Christmas shows. Why don't they ever show Santa Claus is Coming to Town anymore.
I remember that one. Your right they don't show it anymore.
I think it's because of that one song Santa sings to the kids.
If you sit on my lap today a kiss a toy is the price you pay.
That is kinda creepy.
I guess it would depend on the toy. And what you had to kiss.

by Ranger77
Come on guys. Really. You are being unfair. The President was not taking part in a pudding orgy.
What about Bannon?
I'm so tired of you guys getting on Steve. He's a great American who cares about his country. He is normal. He is a great NORMAL guy...
You forgot my fries. I will dismantle you.

by Ranger77
Any news?
I paid some guy $50 to get Trump's cell phone number. I called him. I thought he could help.
Before I could speak he asked me if I could bring him pudding. Then Steve Bannon got on and started singing songs from RENT.
I'm....sorry dude. Do you need the hammer and nail? It works for me.
Then some Russian guy got on the phone and asked me if I could walk on him in thigh highs soaked in Canola oil...

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