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I aced the test!
Relax... It was just a census poll, dumbass!
But, I got the number of people living here correct!
Pretty easy when you live alone.

by JoeBlough
It's Saturday night. Got a date?
Nothing certain but I'm always lookin'!
OK d_bacon, we'll leave the light on for ya. Good luck!
Thanks Rags. Who knows? Tonight I may bring home a little tail.
Late that night.....
Make yourself comfortable! I'll bring us up a box of wine from the cellar.
Boxed wine, eh? It'll go great with the Cheeze-Whiz & Hi-Hos ya got!

by JoeBlough
This book no make sense to Butch! Stuff all down-side-up!
So what? It's just pictures, you inbred moron! Use your imagination!
Maybe if Butch stand on head?
God, you're such an idiot! Switch places with me!
WOW! You's a genius, library lady!

by JoeBlough
Wow! Only 3 entries in evil_d's CC!
So what are YOU gonna do about it, huh?
So Lunch, did ragu4u fire you up enough to make an entry?
That nutty ******* could'nt fire up flash paper with a blow torch!

by JoeBlough
Listen up Mr. Bell-hop, sir! I need me some Vegas lovin'. Ya know, exotic like?
Gotcha covered, cow-poke!
Hot-diggity-dog, She's here!
What the fu..?
You wanted "exotic"? Well here I am!

by JoeBlough
Yeah Gary, the Electric Chair is at the end of the hall.
Tell me what to expect, Officer Dave!
Pretty much it's...I throw the switch and YOU pass on.
Yeah, but to where?
I'm Gary! You the "Welcome Wagon"?
Lemme guess....San Quentin, right?

by JoeBlough
Home of rag4u, Makin_d_bacon & Deb
There Deb, our 2019 Taxes are DONE!
And none too soon, either! We NEED that refund!
Obviously, Rags & Deb forgot about two years ago!
Offices of the I.R.S. 2017
I thought everybody declares at least a million bucks in donated stuff to Charity?
But YOU claimed you gave a mil to each of five Charities......on the same day!

Are you done yet?
I hope not sketching me with a pair of tits...

This is your happy place? I thought there'd be a bunch of naked people in here ****ing!
I used to have wall-to-wall sex parties, but I had to put an end to them all.
Because, I lost my hand to a raging case of gonorrhea, and my eyeball to an errant, high-velocity *******!
Oh, snap!

I turn my back to you and fold my arms, Melty!
I turn my back to YOU, Jesus!
What about your arms? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I heard that!

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