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by JoeBlough
Teacher, how do you stay happy EVERY DAY?
I think you're confusing "Happy" with "Gay", Timmy!
Aren't they the same?
Not at all. Anyone can be "Happy".
They can?
Absolutely...but it takes a real ****-sucker to be "Gay"!

by JoeBlough
After suffering 50 calls a day......
*Brrrrrng, Brrrrng*
I'm NOT gonna answer it! It's nothing but more scammers & phonies trying to bilk me outta my fixed income.
week after week after week......
*Brrrrrng, Brrrrng*
My resolve is firm. Totally ignoring them is the only way to out-smart em' every time!
...until it finally blew up in his face!
You wanna interview me? Why?
Folks wanna know why, after being phoned that you won the lottery daily for over a year, you just let the ticket expire?

by JoeBlough
Won't you EVER get outta 5th grade, Jimmy?
I sure hope not!
So, are you REALLY 10 years old like our teacher says?
Oh I'm 10 alright! Just not "years old"! hehehe
The Principal & the 5th Grade Teacher
So Jimmy didn't complain that you're holding him back AGAIN? He must really be into you!
All ten rock hard inches of him, again and again and again, and...!

by JoeBlough
What's the world done to ya now, Sambo?
What did you just call me, Honky?
No sense of humor, I see.
Yeah...that's what I THOUGHT!
Gotta run!

Next on TruTV: Blind Cop Justice...
That's when her brother threatened to kick my ass for scratching his new corvette.
And, then what happened?
I yelled, "I'LL SHOW YOU SCRATCHES!" and dropped a box of ornery kittens on his head.
I'm going to have to arrest you for doing that, sir.
And, I'll have to beat you with my nighstick for that one, *******!

Why do you think the latest comic contest isn't doing too well?
Let's face it... The other strippers on this website pale in comparison to the pure geniusness of RCLG's creativity and humor when it comes to the random comic layout!
I just peed myself laughing so hard!
I just icicled myself!

by JoeBlough
...they'll undergo strict training!
FASTER! You troops gotta gather faster! Do it AGAIN!
No way!
Yer killin' us!
You believe this guy?
We made a damned "Bee-Line", dude! What more ya want?

by JoeBlough
...AND the panties!
What's wrong with right here, Kim?
But I'll get sand all up in my coochie!
Your sister sure didn't mind! She didn't say a word!
She didn't? Why that little ****!
Actually.....she COULDN'T!
You "deep-throat" almost better than your sister! And ya don't squeal anywhere near as much!
It isn't polite to talk with my mouf full, silly!

by JoeBlough
Greg, wake me at ten till five in the morning. OK?
♫Riddle,dee,riddle dee, riddle, dee, dee! Riddle, dee, riddle, dee, riddle, dee, dee...♫
♫Riddle,dee,riddle dee, riddle, dee, dee! Riddle, dee, riddle, dee, riddle, dee, dee...♫
Jesus Christ, Greg! I'm up! I'M UP, ALREADY!

by JoeBlough
Amighetti's Sandwiches-St. Louis, Mo.
Is there a problem, Sir?
Yo, yous got a bubblah in dis joint?
A bubblah?
Yeah! I doan wanna choke on dis wicked hot spucky. I'm plenny dry. How's bout a tawnic? Gimme a tawnic. I'll be in the ****ah!
I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean, Sir!
Too bad doan nobody in St. louis talk American like we's do in Bahstun!

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