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by JoeBlough
What's wrong, Pops?
Stop calling me THAT. You're a grown God/Man. Show some respect, Son!
So which do you prefer? Jehova? Elohim? El-Shaddai? Yahweh? Adonai?
Whoa, whoa...we're family. You KNOW my name! Use it!
OK....see ya, FRED!
Sometimes I wonder about that boy!

by JoeBlough
You gotta admit kid, Sophia Vergara is one hot babe!
She is? I'm gonna Google er" at home.
Let's see...what was her first name again? Oh well...I may not need it. OH WOW!!!
Why are you searching THAT, young man? Wait'll I see your father!
Well? Did ya get a boner?
According to the website, I could very well get a 4 hour boner. Mom said not to mess with "Viagra"!

by JoeBlough
Melania it looks like Pence is gonna have to step up!
I no worry Donald, he make good President!
No, no, you immigrant, moronic ****! I mean he's gonna have to "pork" you for me while I'm up the river!
No vey! I'd screw Sean Astin first!
I thought you already had.
Maybe so. I get him confused with Micky Rooney!

by JoeBlough
At KSDK News......(I've taken liberties)
I'm Mike Bush and here with the weather is our own Tracy Hinson...
Thanks Mike!
Whoa there, Tracy! Why aren't you STANDING in front of the map like always?
Because a viewer out there claims I do nothing to hide my huge, pigish, distended, highly unattractive, belly underneath my out dated and styleless clothes!
Pish Posh, Tracy! What does one ridiculous, out of touch, viewer matter to YOU?
She's my MOM!

by JoeBlough
Stop oppresion of the populous! IMPEACH!!!
Look at those do nothin' "Boomers"!
Old fogeys are afraid to get their hands bloodied. IMPEACH da bum.
Geez Ma, ya still rememeber the old days?
Ya mean back when ya had to VOTE if ya wanted to change Presidents? Yeah, vaguely!

by JoeBlough
Rags, don't forget your shrink appt. at 9am with Dr. Bhat!
What? Aw shoot, Deb. I forgot all about it!
You can make it if you hurry!
All she'll do is give me another "shrink-ish", self help book!
And THAT she did!
So, Mr. ragu4u, did that last book help solve your problems any?
Kinda, but our bed still wobbles. Gimme a thicker one this time.

With this being my first home, it is important I christen it to seal my ownership.
I declare thee CHRISTENED!!

Listen, Jamalia.
I know your a hot black chick with tits out to Europe...
And, nothing... I'm just telling you what I know.

It's official... I'm lost!
You're never lost with me in your life, my son.
You're already in my life, yet I am still lost.

by edoggydog
Butter face... I liked everything about that woman, butter face!
Your turn.
Lay it on me...
I like everything about that trans-gender, butterballs!

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