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by brycekain
It was a horrible experience. I was blindfolded and everything. But you've got to give it to me straight. Do I have anything?
Well, I'm not sure how, but you have PNEUMO-ULTRA-MICROSCOPIC-SILICO-VOLCANO-CONIOSIS. You get it from dust in volcanoes, but if not there then from other kinds of stones.
And judging from this huge sample you've been swallowing it by the load.
That's the last time I try to taste what The Rock was cooking.

by russman
I won my first comic contest.
Your life suddenly has meaning.
That's right. There goes your theory that people don't like my comics about my love life.
Oh, which one won?
Technically, it wasn't one of those.
You mean it was one of the funny ones.

by Makin_d_bacon
You'll be late AGAIN?
Sorry dear but something's come up!
You're becoming quite the regular!
I told her that "something" came up!
Turn around and let me....OH WOW! It sure HAS!
I'll be there...just let me pee!

by Makin_d_bacon
My take on...Mark 11:1 -11
I got a job for ya! I want ya to carry my boy into Jerusalem on the Sunday before he's killed!
I can handle that.
It'll be known in years to come as "Palm Sunday"! The crowds will bow down to him.
Cool! I better get down there.
You're supposed to be a king. THAT'S not kingly!
I don't ride in a crowd without head protection!

by Makin_d_bacon
*sniff sniff* I pulled the plug on WW:118 sooner than I wanted! I gave the win to "russman".
Don't take it so hard lil buddy! I'm sure everyone just absolutely LOVED the contest!
NOBODY lies like good old ragu4u!

by Beeko180
Human beings creating a thing that can't be used to hurt people is like...
...a child...
...picking up a rock...
...or a chair...
...or by some horrifically magical manner a bus and then insisting that it can't be pelted through the skull of that girl across the room from them that they ****ing hate...
...harder than Adolf Hitler loved eugenics.

by edoggydog
*RCL no. 6192
When it comes to cancer, I say FUCK cancer!
Except kids' cancer... I only whack off to that.
I mean, I don't want to be accused of being a pedophile or something...
Or something.

Do you serve hot donkey cum lattes here or not??

"Ha, ha... I get it."
Get what?

by brycekain
Look, YOU hired me to kill a hooker, duct tap her vajay-jay, and throw her in the landfill! I'm a METHOD ACTOR and I have to get into my roles!
Dude, when we hired you to do this movie I said that you would be in some scenes killing time by throwing away my old VHS tapes of T.J. Hooker. You really ARE ****ty at this job!
So I lured that guy Ron over to your house and killed the ******* when he said he was ****ing your wife. Hey, wait, you said you'd have a camera crew outside the house! Where the hell is everyone??
And CUT! Thank you, Mr. Blake. I gotta go take a drive now.

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