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The water has crested!
You mean..?
Mom's off her period! YAY!!

by Makin_d_bacon
This one is for RCLG......
Hey ragu4u... how does one say "anal sex" in Sicilian?
Can I consult my Sicilian to Lithuanian to English Dictionary, my dear d_bacon?
Butt of course! hehehe
I'll be back with your answer you little smart ass!
OK...So what is it?

I don't know... In light of the revelations of Louie CK and Al Franken, somehow my sexual inuendo comics no longer seem appropriate.
What say you, Satan?
I think they're great... Keep up the good work!
Okay... I will!
See you in Hell! Muwahahahaha...

by Makin_d_bacon
So, Sen. Franken, you've been groping women without consent, I see!
That's ludicrous sir. How can you think I'd do that?
Easy! I do it myself!
But I swear I'm innocent. It's ludicrous, I tell you...LUDICROUS!
That's just too bad Mr. Ludicrous. Sen. Al Franken wouldn't lie now, would he?
BullSHIT! Every time dat MoFo's lips be movin, a lie be comin out!

by Makin_d_bacon
*knock, knock* Judge Roy Moore?
Maybe yes. Maybe no. Who's askin?
Mama said I gotta try and sell you some Holiday Gift Packs to pay for our Senior trip to "Space Camp"!
Little that you? Then I'd be delighted to! So what's good?
Thanks judgy wudgy! Ya know I'm partial to that that big old 12 inch Hickory Smoked Salami!
Salami? She likes the 12 inch Salami! This is a friggin dream come true!

by Makin_d_bacon
So Dave, is it true? Is Charlie Manson on his death bed?
Yup! He's getting the last rites as we speak!
You're too late to give old Charlie the Last Rites Padre! He's as good as gone!
I wasn't here for THAT!
Well WHAT, then?
I wanted his autograph to raffle off at the church picnic! Oh well then ...I'm off to see David Berkowitz!

by Makin_d_bacon
Hey Mr. Durden, can I join yer club?
Don't you EVER talk about my club! You wanna see what happens to guys who talk about my club?
Yeah...sure! Use this guy walking up here!
Oh oh..This no look good!

Hey Dad, why is Nicki Manaj like a G6?
I don't know what either of those things are.

by Makin_d_bacon
Any weapons on board, sir?
"I got a Glock in my Rari...17 shots, no .38..."
You have a what in your which?
I'm packin heat. Ya know...."Ridin Dirty"?
Don't be dissin me, MA! I just ain't cut out to be a "Cantor"!
I told you this would happen, Irving...listening to that rap crap! But Oy Vey, NO...Barry Manilow ain't hip enough for YOU, Mr. "Sir-Raps-Alot"!

If you like it, we can swerve, we can light and stain up here...
...and when it's over, I press rewind though...
! see that ass one more time!
You mean I went through the hassle of melting a witch with a bucket of water so you can give me spiritual guidance and you quote me a goddamn rap song???

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