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by russman
I'm a big fan of eggs and I don't mind saying so.
Sunny side up is my egg of choice and don't tell be over easy is just as good.
Who wants that little layer of skin between you an the yoke. Isn't that right Consuela.
Sure Mister. But no condom is still twenty bucks extra.

Is that where the pain is?
Obviously, doofus! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Well, I think you'll be okay... But, to be sure, you should pull out your ***** and stroke a load onto my right foor.
What??? That's a rather odd request from a doctor!
Who said I was a doctor?

"I'm not sure, because they all look alike..."
"...but the sicko who tried to give a hibernating grizzly bear a reach-round..."
" the second Chen-who-got-his-ass-kicked-yet-again from the right."

Oh, God... It BURNS!!!
(Maura would live to regret eating so much spicy Thai last night.)

by Makin_d_bacon
You parked illegally AGAIN!
I assume you're giving me another ticket?
Another one for the pile...
I wouldn't go lighting a match in there, fella!

by Makin_d_bacon
Well "Juice", today's the big day!
I'm getting OUT?
NO! But we're showing the Yiddish version of "Naked Gun" tonight.
Great. I'll autograph the DVD. You can send it to the Goldman family!
Always thinking of others, aren't ya O.J.?

How's it feel to be finally out of prison, O.J.?
Great, Clango!
So, what's next for "The Juice"?
Just kicking back and being black!
Ha, ha...You haven't been black since the 60's, right O.J.?
Careful... I may have been found innocent of double murder by a jury of my dumbass peers, but that doesn't mean I was, if you know what I mean. Clango.

by russman
So where do you see us in a year from now?
I'll probably be right here. I expect you'll be happily married and living the dream.
I think you and I will still be hanging out. Even if I'm married.
I feel that I should be feeling guilty about that.
Do you want me to leave?
A part of me thinks it would be best. Luckily for me it's not the part I think with.

by Makin_d_bacon
Ok young lady, now spit in the cup and then rinse thoroughly with the mouthwash provided.
My mouth always feels so fresh & clean when I leave here. Thanks so much. See you next time.
Take care...and don't forget to brush & floss!
Here for your daily deposit, are you? I'll give you a cup to spit in.
They are always so polite at this Sperm Bank!

by russman
Lets do a sour toe ****tail.
What the hell is that.
You get your normal drink and they put a mummified toe in it.
Your drink has a real human toe in it?
Yep you can drink it fast you can drink it slow but your lips must touch the toe.

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