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Sir! All the employees down stairs are sick and acting weird. It could be an epidemic or zombie outbreak!
Your point is?
We need to get out before we all get infected!
Oh, management knows all about it. We've even been exposed and there has been no effect on us.
So it's not a zombie outbreak?
Nope. Just a simple staff infection.

by JoeBlough
Oh NO! They're actually doing it! I can't believe it.
I've never been treated like this, EVER! This is totally unconscienable, and false and I WON'T tolerate it!
What's so wrong daddy? You'll beat this "Impeachment" thingy
It's not THAT! My Twitter account got deleted!

by Ranger77
Protecting our country against the DEEP STATE. An elite team of TRUE PATRIOTS. They are THE KAG-GERS!
I'm Devin Nunes. In my true form. I am proud to have Putin's brand on my behind. BIIITCH!
Teddy Cruz right here, pardner! Treat me like a ***** as long as you be GOP! Yo. Word to ya motha!
The TRUE Conservative voices for a NEW generation!
Rude-boy be ME, Rudy G! I took a train to Ukraine in da Purple Rain didn't do Cocaine...I must refrain!
And I'm Jeffery.
Our Nanny. He gives us our medication, and tucks us in at night to keep the monsters under the bed from coming out.

by JoeBlough
Tomorrow IS "Casual Day", right?
Yup, and I plan to get SUPER casual! You should too.
The next day.....
Did you remember about causual day, Gary?
I sure did, Gabe. How bout YOU?
Holy crap!
What the...?

by Ranger77
And you are here in that outfit because...?
Looking for Ukrainians. Teddy and Rude-boy said they were here.
Teddy and Rude-boy?
They my homies. We riding like troops through this mother****a!
Homies. Really.
I'm trying to grow the base. Don't hate.

by Ranger77
You're Devin Nunes aren't you?
Shhhh. I'm in disguise.

by JoeBlough
Dasvidaniya, comrade!
Pipe down, you Commie infiltrator!
But now we bros. No? "Glasnost", yes?
Bull****. This here is America, Ruskie! We don't cotton to you Bolshevik *******s!
Then I'll take my Vodka, Beluga caviar and my harem of ****ty Russian Concubine models with me, and GO!
Your WHAT? On second thought, buddy, maybe I was a tad hasty!

by JoeBlough
So, I hear you've been sent by "ManPower" to interview for the job, eh?
Well son, what are you good at?
Hmm, should I...?
Yes, boss?
Miss Phreaky, I need you to pop down to Walgreens & get me some KY Jelly to continue this interview.

by JoeBlough
The 2019 Miss Universe Pageant
...and the winner IS, Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi!
That lil Bitch!
What a ****sucker!
"Ungowa jumbo Bwana! Ubli, ubli!
She ain't called "The Black Hole" for nothin!
Her ***** is a Petri dish!

by JoeBlough
Father & Son work through a problem!
I swear, Pops, if mankind makes one more wise crack about Christmas, I'm gonna.....
You're gonna, WHAT? You're Jesus! You CAN'T get mad!
OK Boomer! What about them "money changer" dudes outside the Temple?
Rats! I forgot about THAT boon-doggle!
Face it! I'm JUSTIFIED! I'm fixin' to open me one huge can o' "whoop-ass" on the very next wise cracker.
If he happens to be a "money changer" go easy on em' this time, boy! Hell hath no fury like a scorned Jew!

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