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Professor, your discovery is amazing!
It will change the way people think about ancient Egypt, that's for sure!
Running water and indoor plumbing was way ahead of their time.
I know. And to think, they even had sinks where the water could be turned on and shut off.
What do you plan to call your new findings professor?
Pharaoh faucet.

by Makin_d_bacon
So Maura, your sister Jael wants to work in our nursery?
Yes Father, but she has a past! She used to be a hooker!
Oh I'm sure she'll be fine with the wee little ones. She only needs to change diapers and tell em' stories. Can she do that?
Sure! It sounds easy enough. She loves poetry.
Alas, Jael's version of poetry was......
Ever hear this one? "There once was a man from Nantucket...". No? Well then how about this one..."Whilst he was stickin' a **** in me Doc, the cum ran down his ****...." Still NO?

by Makin_d_bacon
Amazon Fulfillment Cnt.: Mississippi
Crap, you foreman are workin' our asses off here for crummy pay!
Is that complaining I hear? That's three demerits!
I asked for a rest-room break 2 hours ago! Now I've done **** in me BVDs!
Unsatisfactory hygiene! That'll be twenty demerits!
Ok. Ok, I'll go back to work but I hope ya choke on the stink!
That's blatant insubordination! You're fired! I got 1000 people lookin' to work 60 hrs. a week for YOUR $400.00.

by Makin_d_bacon
So, Mr. Bezos, New York gets the 2nd Amazon HQ, eh?
Yup! I sure played all those other podunk cities like a fiddle, didn't I?
But now New York is gonna have to raise taxes.
A drop in the bucket, Ben. A drop in the bucket!
It comes to $48k a year, per resident.
Like I said...a drop in the bucket! You deaf or somethin'?

by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

by choadwarrior
You were on my flight on Friday.
Why didn't you say, "Hello?"
You're not A-List.

by Makin_d_bacon
Production Meeting for...MST3K
Alright guys we gotta get ready for the Holidays.
Let's do something special!
What about doing the worst Christmas movie ever made?
You mean...? Say no more. We'll make contact!
Those *******s from MST3K want the rights to our 1964 fiilm. Think we can get Santa to agree to ask for one million bucks?
Screw HIM! YOU do the talkin', and make it two!

by Makin_d_bacon
Many, many years ago......
So, have you ever given any thought to what you're gonna be when you grow up?
I'm gonna create Super Heroes!
You mean in "Comic Books"? I bet ya that'll never catch on!
You just wait and see. My name will be known every place one day!
Ya know our boy sure has got high hopes!
Why? What did little Stanley say THIS time?

Remind me again why we are sitting through ten minutes of credits after the movie is over.
There is usually an end-credit scene that sets up the next movie. They also let you know who's returning in the next film.
So, what does that say on the screen?
Stan Lee will not return.

It's Veteran's Day! How ya wanna celebrate?
Let's kill a bunch of guys in Third World countries! Hoo-rah?
by Makin_d_bacon, 11-12-18

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