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There's nothing like a fresh cup of my World's Famous coffee in the early morn...
Now, only if my arms were long enough to reach my mouth so I can ****ing drink said cup of coffee. In the early morn.

by edoggydog
I was in a car accident as a kid, and severed half my right arm off... So, the doctors gave me an experimental drug that would cause my arm to grow back.
Check out the ass on that busboy... COME GET SOME OF THIS, PACO!!!
Unfortunately, the drug worked better than they expected and grew back a whole new me with a major bad side effect: HE'S A FUCKING FAGGOT!!!
I've always thought Paco has a nice firmness to his pooper!

by JoeBlough
Hi Frenchy! I'm Ray! Ya lookin for love?
Oui oui, mon ami, Ray!
But Frenchy got a bit carried away!
OOOWWWWCH! Ya sucked the head clean off you French *******! Help! HELP!
Haw haw haw, my leeetle fran....
Once more..."Why-are-you-in-here?" And for the last time..."I don't speak French"!
"Moi sucked Ray blue" I tell you!

by JoeBlough
Rags visits his Shrink.....
I promise you Mr. ragu4u, you are NOT a lesbian!
Impossible! I GOTTA be!
But lesbians like to perform Cunnilingus, as well as Cotidiana Lambo Oscula of the mammmaries and anus!
Really? Not ME! I just like eatin' *****! Plus, kissin' & lickin" the old T&A. Ya feel me?
Fine! FINE! Have it your way!
Since ya agree with me, there's gonna be no charge, right Doc? RIGHT DOC?

Don't tell me...
Still stuck on 110!

Meanwhile, back at Blindman's secret lair... Which is not really a secret, because it's just a normal house in a busy neighborhood But, Blindman doesn't know that because, well, he's blind.
Are you ready to fight crime today, Monk Boy?
Yes, Blindman!
Did you hear me, Monk Boy? Fight? Crime? TODAY?? SAY SOMETHING!!

by edoggydog
I like to educate beings on alien planets about life here on Earth using a hand puppet...
...and the women with the biggest tits can make the men of the species do anything they want for them!
What are tits?
Do women let you squeeze their tits?

by JoeBlough
Had enough?
Can I get out now?
It depends. Are you willing to give me everything I want forever and NEVER ***** or complain ever again and ....?
I am. I AM!
...and let my mother move in with us!
Uh...on second thought....

by JoeBlough
Gabe is abducted by Aliens.....
You mean you actually...?
What part of "YES" don't you understand?
I'm just making sure!
I'm SURE! Now get on with it!
FINE! Turn the anal prober to "Level 3", Max Pulse and Max Speed. The Earthling LOVES it!

by JoeBlough
Very recently.......
S'up Fredo?
My name ain't Fredo mutha****a! I'm gonna **** you up ****er! You Italian? NO? Then don't dis me by callin' me Fredo, ****sucker!
So you're NOT named Fredo?
NO! I'm Chris Cuomo; anchor for CNN, you **** for brains!
EX-anchor, I'm hoping!

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