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by JoeBlough
Who shall we put on the front line against the rioters?
It's gonna get bloody. Give it to the spooks.
Won't that be seen as racist sir?
I'm confident you'll come up with something! Now carry on MISTER!
Seconds Before Deployment.....
Hey Denzel, how come only us black soldiers gotta wear this funky ass ****?
Beats me, Tyrone! But we be's, sho nuff, on the front lines,

by JoeBlough
The Neo-National Guard in D.C.
I'm here for the tour!
We're in "Lockdown" BOY! Get on the ground!
Why? So you can kneel on my neck till I die? No way!
So, resisting, eh?
"Hi ho, hi ho, the darkies they must go..."

by JoeBlough
Thank goodness we weren't hurt in these riots, Yeller!
Look! Even a black man tossed me a bone!
Wait, are you sure that's really a bo...
Now they've done it! Yeller is ****ed!
You BETTER run! If I ever catch ya, I'll turn ya into a "Lawn Jockey"!

Help me...
No one told you to shop at a down-town Minneapolis Target in the middle of an Anti**** riot, moron!

by Ranger77
Today, our "President" ordered the front of a church cleared of peaceful protesters for a staged photo op holding a Bible.
He also indicated an intent to use the Insurrection Act to subvert Title 10 and deploy US Military forces against US citizens.
Sorry. There are no jokes tonight.
And also, there are no words...

by JoeBlough
Geez! Look at all them protestors!
I know! I'm writing down all the trouble makers.
Wow! That's quite the list! So who are they all?
From what I can gather...
Go on...
It's all one family! They're all named either Denzel, Tyrone, Maurice, Shaniqua, Farina, Terrell, Raven Aliya, or Jasmine Washington!

by JoeBlough
Mobs form in D.C.
Daddy, you need to get into the "Bunker"!
Nonsense, Ivanka. I fear NOTHING!
But the Secret Service says you HAVE TO!
DOUBLE nonsense! I OWN those lackeys.
Later...inside the "Bunker"....
I want OUT! Get me Alan Dershowitz, on the double!
Sorry Mr. President. He's currently worshiping at the Jeffery Epstein Memorial!

by Ranger77
Mike is kidding, of course. He loves me. He identifies as "They" ever since I got him fixed.
Of course I'm sensitive to the fact promoting myself might seem to some to be opportunistic, but by increasing my marketing outreach I am supporting my Black brothers and sisters.
Nice. Tell them how offering a #BlackLivesMatters discount to your Premium Snapchat 'helps' people of color.
I think we are done here. Can we cut transmission?
I think folks would also be interested in that BBC/Plantation custom you did for that weird white guy in Memphis back in 2018. And I'm NOT talking about the British Broadcasting Company. Crazy *****.

by Ranger77
Hello again. I'm blocking Ranger's World to talk about more recent critical events. We should all stand up to racism and injustice. This is my cat, Mike.
I was at the protests this weekend. I took multiple selfies of myself to promote my Patreon, my YouTube Channel and my career as a social activist and influencer.
This is how I support the Black community. I'm woke as ****.
You are crazy as ****. Now feed me you privileged *****. That can albacore isn't going to open itself.

by JoeBlough
Great riot, eh?
Yup! We really F'd up some ****! Didn't we?
Ain't it GREAT? Took some REAL organization too.
I know! It takes a true mastermind to orchestrate all these low life whackos into a cohesive mob!
So to whom do we owe the honor of this fiasco, turned Nationwide upheaval?
Hate to brag but, that would be I, bros!

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