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page 2

by JoeBlough
Looks like "" is froze up to everyone but JoeBlough!
Hey d_bacon, maybe now is a good time to try for page domination again!
What's he yellin' about NOW?
I've told ya 1000 times Rags, "If you're alone, you're not dominating SHIT!"

by JoeBlough
Ok Father Handzy, I'm ready to learn that new ritual.
Fine, Holly! But it's not a ritual. It's called "genuflecting"!
"Genuflecting"? What's THAT all about?
Just begin by getting down on one knee...
So "genuflecting" ain't nuthin' but me givin' head, huh Padre?
Clever girl..."hunga, hunga, hunga"....

by JoeBlough
Look at all those darned kids wreckin' our lawn!
Chill, Rags. Be nice to the kids. They're just playin'!
They got no respect, d_bacon! They're damned, little hooligans!
I say, leave em' alone. They probably already have a horrible opinion of us!
...and STAY off our lawn, you little gangsters!

by JoeBlough
8am...June 12, 2019: The Offer
Rags, get your family together and come to my house to watch game 7 for the Stanley Cup!
You sure? But you live way out in the boonies.
The Stakes are Monumental
Yeah, but I don't live in a cave. I got cable, ya know.
OK then. We'll all be there tonight at 7pm sharp! This is definitely "Must See" TV, dude so don't "F" it up!
8am...June 13th, 2019: The Aftermath
Wow! Looks like the Blues victory party last night did you in, Chen!
Victory, eh? I wouldn't know. I forgot to pay my cable bill.

by JoeBlough
Future Casinos & Resorts in Vegas...
I expect you ****tail waitress/ escorts to earn upwards of $10,000.00 per night!
Serving drinks...and what else?
Wake up, you dumb red-head! We gotta go that "EXTRA" mile and "put out"!
Ooooh intake ports ache just thinking about it!
Don't forget plenty of "3 in One Oil" cuz some "Johns" like to utilize the old elimination port, as well. Ka-CHING!

by JoeBlough
I know they all live here. So where are they?
Shhhh! I hear him in the next room lookin' for us!
Why is "Death" so interested in US?
Maybe he just wants to chill with the "Cream of the Crop", so to speak?
More like "Cream of the Crap" doofus!

by JoeBlough
Folks, I'm joined by Keanu Reeves, who plays Duke Caboom in "Toy Story 4".
S'up, dude?
This must be quite a change for you, from your "John Wick" personna!
True. True. But I've learned one interesting fact.
And what might that be, Duke?
"PIXAR" ***** is totally excellent!

by JoeBlough
I've come 6000 miles & wanna pay my respects to Abe Vigoda!
That thar is gonna be kinda tough as he taint dead yet!
He's NOT? Then I better leave!
Good idea. Just follow this here road.
Days later......
You've screwed up my whole trip, ass-hole, but now I'm gonna make it right!
Sorry to hear it. How can I help?

by JoeBlough
Listen Yeller, I hear there's a sex pervert hidin' down here someplace. Sniff him out , Yeller!
*sniff, sniff sniff*
Find em' & get em', Yeller!
He found the perv, alright! Bwahaha
Hey! Quit chewin' my cuffs!

by JoeBlough
In the beginning.....
You certainly ARE my most beautiful Angel!
Don't I know it! But YOU? You're just fat and dumpy lookin'!
Fat? Dumpy lookin? ME?
Too bad, too! This place needs a "GQ" figure head! One like....ME!
Then, after several iterations...
How's THIS place & new "GQ" look for ya?
At least it's a dry heat. Now lemme see that outfit with horns & a pitchfork again!

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