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page 3

by JoeBlough
Skagg is under the influence, as usual!
Trick of treat!
Whoa! Yer one "F'd" up lookin' lil dude!
Fuck YOU Skagg, you druggy. It's me, Timmy, from next door. Now gimme some candy!
Ok.! Am I trippin' or what? Hey Ma? Timmy wants candy!
So where is Skagg with my candy, you bug eyed crack *****?
Whoa! Skagg was right! You ARE one "F'd" up lookin' lil dude!

by JoeBlough
Hey Rabbi, wanna buy an "8 Page Bible"?
Begone Satan!
How's bout you Swami, wanna buy an "8 Page Bible"?
May Vishnu have mercy on you!
Hey Father, you wanna buy some "8 Page Bibles"?
Sure, but only if I get a "repeat customer" volume discount & a subscription to "Boy's Life"!

by JoeBlough
...and then I got jammed into this can!
Judging by all the blood it looks like you got in a few good licks too!
"Licks"? What's THAT supposed to mean? I'm a lover, not a fighter!
I'm just sayin' that all this blood doesn't come naturally!
It IS when I'm ****** a 12 year old virgin!
Duely noted! "Victim is a passive child ******!"

by JoeBlough
Rube says he's going Vegan!
Yeah! I hear he's gettin' rid of all his livestock! That's US, ya know!
Well I sure hope he and Granny are miserable after they ditch us!
Right. They'll be sorry switching to plants!
Only days later, Rube goes missing!
Rube? Oh RUBE? Where are you?

by JoeBlough
Oh no! Look who's comin'!
I can smell him already!
We better scram QUICK!
Hey, don't leave on my account!
Ya gotta turn the nozzle ON, Putz!
Come to sunny California! Right! Play in the sand & surf. Right!

by JoeBlough
Damn! Even FOX News is on my case, Ivanka!
Don't worry daddy. I'm tight with Sean Hannity & the likes!
Tight? TIGHT? You mean that YOU & HIM have...?
I have, with all of them, daddy! And I mean ALL!
Well if it isn't Patti Ann Brown again? I hope you've trimmed that lil bush of yours since last time we met.
Oh yes Mistress Ivanka. I trimmed it to look like a "$", just as you asked! AND...I brought "nipple clamps"!

by JoeBlough
Oh please, dear God, let the next customer have a desire to read REAL "Literature" the old fashioned way...through BOOKS!
May I help you, Sir?
Got any "8 Page Bibles"?
Surely you jest?
No? What about "MAD" magazines? And don't call me Shirley!

by JoeBlough
Madam Chen, your food here is exqusite!
I'm so grad you rike it!
It has a flavor all it's own. What's your secret?
Mr. Chen do ALL cooking! He got seclet inglidients!
Here kitty, kitty!
Oh ****!

by JoeBlough
"Beat it! You got the wrong house!"
Open up, I say!
I got a feelin' this won't end good!
Too bad! I got my orders!
Darn it! And "Zillow" said that the "Via Dolorosa" was an upscale and safe street!
Follow me, pal! Wait'll ya get a load of "Golgatha Street"!

by JoeBlough
Todd Phillips searching for "JOKER"
Too "Gacy"!
Too "Bozo"!
Forget YOU!! I got a call from Andy Marschietti!

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