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page 3

by JoeBlough
Manhattan, NY 7/13/2019
I think the power is about to go out!
Did you just see the lights flicker?
It went dark for over 5 hours!'s 1977 all over again!
This could be a long time. What should we do?
Then, about 9 months later.....
Hurry Doctor! 37 women are crowning right now and the water broke on 150 more waiting in the lobby!
These "C" Sections are killin' me! Wait'll "ConEd" gets the bill.

by JoeBlough
Frat House Community Bathroom.....
I hate these ghetto kids!
Why's that?
The lazy little punks are clueless!
And you base that claim on WHAT, exactly?
99% of them think I'm a washing machine!
Guess where the other 1% do their wash?

by JoeBlough
Hi! I don't seem to fit in around here. Will YOU befriend me? guess so! C'mon in!
It's no better in here either! I kinda feel
Like what? A fish outta water?
YEAH! That's it EXACTLY!
Well, duh-uh, ya dumb scrod!

by JoeBlough
Hello? JoeBlough, here!
Hey scuzbag, it's me, Brad! Why no winners yet with your two contests?
Chill out, dude! I can't MAKE these Bozos enter!
You got just a couple more days and then I pull the plug! Got it? Bye!
Hello? HELLO? He hung up on me! I'll bet he doesn't do this to RCLG or 4LT!
Happily, I don't NEED to!

by JoeBlough
Geez Pops, you're really takin' a beating on ""!
It ain't just ME boy! It's the both of us!
We must look like "easy pickins" to those guys.
Why do ya think that is?
Maybe if ya smote em' in the ass once in a while they'd show some respect, old man!
Don't bet on it! Look at all YOU went thru and you're STILL a sarcastic brat!

With Hurricane Barry headin' this way, I'd better board up this here broken door.
I wonder if I got some spare boards in the attic I ain't a usin'.
That should do 'er!

by JoeBlough
Say Maura, how does the theme to the TV show "The Lone Ranger" go?
Hmmm. Let me think!
I can't believe she's stumped!
I'm not really sure, but I think it goes like THIS...."Take a dump, take a dump, take a dump, dump, dump!
Oh no! Is she gonna....?
Take a dump, take a......oh oh! Here it comes! SPLAT!

by JoeBlough
Just "Making Conversation" can lead...
Boss, have you seen that new show on HBO called "Euphoria"?
You mean the one with all that constant sex & drugs? a huge misunderstanding! So, to...
That's the ONE! It showed 7 erect *****es in just one hour long show!
Seems kinda odd that those scenes were exciting to him, instead of all the juicy T & A!
...keep the "troops" happy, the Boss...
Barry, I've decided that you'll SHARE this space with Tooms!
YESSS! My prayers to the "K-Y" Gods have been answered!

by JoeBlough
Where's Ying & Yang?
The twin Asian chicks? They want more money to "do" each other.
WHAT? Why? They're Lesbians, right? For cryin' out loud, tell em' they gotta!
OK, C.B....but they're pretty stubborn about doin' porn.
Once Skagg broke the news.....
What we gonna do? We not for real Lesbians!
No biggy! Maybe they'll just let us suck each others ****!

What is that...?
*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* Oh, God... Is there nowhere she won't take a dump??

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