Ragu4u's Final Solution

Fed up with losing comic contests, repeatedly, the mighty and downtrodden Ragu4u formulates a plan to eliminate the competition for good!

by atomiclunch
The end of another busy day fades into the beginning of another busy night for pee-finger.
S'up JC? You should try what I'm having. First I chug a Keystone, then follow it with a Bud Light Lime chaser. I call it "The Toominator"
No thanks, I'm sticking with Milwaukee's Best!
Mixing bad beers is pretty much never a very smart thing to do...
Shuit y'shelf, man, I have to pish - *urk!* *nnnnnnnggggghhh*
No good can come of this! - ed.
Ah'll Wear Blahk!

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Ragu4u's Final Solution

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