The Aquarium - Behind the scenes

Sure, the public thinks it's all otters and dolphin shows. Behind the walls, it's a tidepool of depravity and salty, salty debauchery!

by atomiclunch
Look, YOU try eating nothing but decomposing alewives day in and day out. All I wanted was a little variety. So I made myself a kinda, sampler plate.
That would be fine in the wild, Carl but this is an aquarium. We have RULES here. You can't eat your fellow inhabitants.
Dammit, one's a bully and the other was just so damned smug all the time, can you blame me?
Oh, I totally agree with you. Still, I don't care for my neighbors, but you don't see me making them into a casserole, do you?
I DO remember you dropping some extra-tasty chum in the pond for about a week or so...
That's not important right now. At any rate, we're putting you in a separate tank because you're understandably on a couple of very bad ****-lists right now.

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The Aquarium - Behind the scenes

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