Another Meandering Snoozefest

'Lunch is called upon to go back in time for a very important mission. Is it good? Is it evil? We don't know! One thing we CAN be certain of is that he'll likely mire it in illogical and irrelevant asides that will frequently cause the breathless action to grind to a complete halt.

by atomiclunch
One day, after my shower. (apologies for all the recent body function humor...)
Dang! Forgot my towel, let me grab it.
*air fart*
I should've thought first, but in my defense, I hadn't had my coffee yet.
*hurk!* *gasp!*
True story, I swear!
This must be what Hell smells like.
No, I just do torture and damnation. Not this kind of cruelty. Now get up, I have work for you.

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Another Meandering Snoozefest

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