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Thank you so much Mr. Confessional! Your tales of heartbreak and teenage crushes have changed my life!
$ cha ching $
It's helped me through stressfull crushesm given me a place the hope for that special someone, and taught me to love myself!
It's my pleasure...say, would you like to go somewhere private and talk about my emotions?
You do realize I'm a 14 year old boy correct?
...and how!

by defweb
Soon after Sep 11
America has no greater friend than Great Britain
Bush's recent tour of South East Asia
America has no closer friend and ally than Japan
In Isreal
America has no greater friend than Isreal

by dem0nseed
It's time.
You can't give me the chair, I found God!
Where did you find God?
Cellblock 3A.
Adebisi ****d me.

by defweb
Jeffs House
Is Jeff home?
He's in his room, come right up
Jeffs dad is weird
Is that your real dad?

by defweb
Brian, can you get me those U.K Linkin Park cd's?
I Dunno man, I'll see what I can do
6 Months Later
Chris, I finally got those linkin park cds you were after.
That was soooo 6 months ago, I've "moved on"
Next Day
You changing gave me the courage to follow suit
That's all well and good but im only into christian hardcore now.

by defweb
somewhere in afghanistan
I was sure bin laden lived here
It all looks the same though
I wonder if can take a dump behind that rock.........
He hasnt had a gift from us since we armed and trained his forces to combat the russians
What did he get this year?
Flight sim 2002 family edition

by dem0nseed
Fuck you, scene *****!
Fuck you, you stupid basement dwelling Canuck!
You wouldn't know musical integrity if it bit you in the ass!
At least my site pays the bills you Incubus loving piece of ****!
I got dibs on Poison the Well.
I call From Autumn to Ashes.

by dem0nseed
Is your ***** wet?

by dem0nseed
Is it just me, or is this whole sensitive hardcore **** a bit out of hand?
Yeah, it is. It seems any band that screams now is screaming about their frustration with ex-girlfriends.
I got some ex-girlfriends who I loved, but I got over them.
Yeah. A restraining order can do that to you.

by dem0nseed

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