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by Ranger77
So as you can see, the Ranger's World Global Call Center provides a vital service.
EXACTLY, to our core audience...those who we respect and serve!
Yeah, we're ****ing with you. Anyone who calls us are *****es.
Nope. I beg to differ! Whiny little FUCKING *****es. Let's be clear on this.
Ah. Well. I'm...uh...
They have a YouTube channel. One million followers. Merch. Legit...

by Ranger77
You just have to meet Stan! Hey's it going!
What is that supposed to mean? I don't like your tone. Sounds judgmental and I may need time in my safe space to recover.
Stan is our subject matter expert in Extreme Leftist culture. He comes in handy when we get callers who claim we are insensitive!
Balyji has a picture of his "pet" dog on his cubicle wall. That offends me. And what the I smell BACON? This is a meat free zone!!
Having someone trained in SJW studies and outrage culture is critical to our mission and our success!
You know how many animals died for that BLT *******?!?

by Ranger77
The Ranger's World Global Call Center is staffed by highly trained professionals! Let's meet some! Hi Sam! How's it going!
Beta cucks!
Sam is our Alt-Right Specialist. We bring him in when we get callers who accuse the strip of being too liberal.
Fucking buttholes wanted to play Fallout 76 on break. What the FUCK. CoD 4. Red Dead. Hel-lo? Fortnite ***s can suck my **** too. Gay ass ***** *****es.
Sam received his 4chan certification a few months ago. He's never been laid! We are so proud of him!
Fuck...I need to change the badass obscure anime pic on my Twitter profile before I post about THIS bull****!

by Ranger77
Howdy! Glad you could stop by!
We here at the Ranger's World Global Call Center are dedicated to responsible, friendly customer service!
Everyday we field thousands of calls: complaints, comments and questions!
That's right and working with the general public is exactly how you think it would be!
It sucks balls!
I'm so jacked on Molly I haven't blinked in three weeks!

by Ranger77
We're not doing an apology are we?
That would be a great guess.
Seriously...We have a call center?

by Ranger77
Giuliani's peeps have been flooding our call center in India about how we portrayed him here.
We have a call center??
Yes, apparently. A lot of the Trump faithful are expecting an apology. We apparently are not being "fair.'
Ah. Ok.
We have a call center?

by Ranger77
Ok listen up folks. I am not AMUSED by the way I've been portrayed here. I'm not an old crazy man that talks nonsense.
I am a famous and respected lawyer representing the finest leader we've ever had. I AM NOT A CLOWN!
You are wearing a clown suit and you were talking nonsense.
That is an alternative truth. What is a clown anyway? Who says what is nonsense? Where is my wubbie?!
Fuck. Giuliani.

by Ranger77
We've got to do something about Giuliani. The guy is a functional idiot. He's freaking everyone out here.
We tried. He won't leave. Security tried to move him along and he gave them all jelly sandwiches and starting talking about his favorite eye wrinkle.
Left eye. Fourth from the center.
He's singing about Gouda cheese now. Who knows where he got the banjo from...

by Ranger77
Stupid facist cop. Just my luck. Bet if I was driving a pickup he would have cut me a break.
I'll pay this ticket....THIS time. Next time I won't put up the rhetoric of the corrupt police state!
Call me, call me you did. Yes you did. Call Rudy G you did, you did! Got stories to tell I do. I do. I do!
Guliani. Fuck.
Turn around and you will be back around, back around. It's true. But what is true. I know truth. It is a jelly sandwich. Maybe it's not. Truth it might not be with Rudy G!

by Ranger77
This is typical. Gotta keep holding us down. Gotta keep enforcing your corrupt laws.
You parked in a handicapped space.
I AM handicapped! Handicapped by capitalist privilege and the big business/political elite that are looking to peddle influence and...and...
My Dad owns a dealership and is a good friend of the mayor's cousin.

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