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by Ranger77
We have a crazy man in the White House so it's time for us to get crazy.
Abolish the police. Establish meditation and conflict resolution centers. Solve problems through protest drumming!
And get rid of all team sports. EXCEPT female beach volleyball. THAT **** is dope!
Hey Moonflower...your Mini Cooper is getting towed.

by Ranger77
These are interesting, but troubling times.
In the face of turmoil and, to some, tyranny, can the opposition form sensible, logical arguments forged in critical thinking?
We want FREE SHIT! And we want it NOW!!

by Ranger77
B, you've gotta Giuliani out of there! Chuck's barely stable and that guy will drive him back over the edge!
Got it handled. Security is going to escort him out.
We have "security?"
Yep. Some of the superheroes. Moonlighting. They're bored again.
I hope they don't hurt him. Giuliani is kinda old and a bit insane in the membrane.
All good. They bought plenty of toys and dill pickles from the dollar store to lure him out. He makes a killer jelly sandwich by the way...

by Ranger77
Got a letter? Need a letter. Want that letter. Give me the letter.
I've got the letter.
Good. Letters are good. Good letter. People can't touch you if you have a letter. And a jelly sandwich. I do. Yum.
Are we done?
Song. Sing a song first. Rudy needs to sing. Sing song. Lawyer song. I'm legal. Legal EAGLE. Do you know a song?
I know most of the words to "Time to punch this ****stick."

by Ranger77
"Chuck...someone is here to see you. Something about a letter?"
Yeah. Whatever.
We are all...NAKED...under our clothes.
I ate oatmeal today...and then made a poopy!
Of course they would send Giuliani. Fuck!

by Ranger77
Lord Trump is not amused. He wants you to resign. Hope you're happy. Now I have to suck his **** twice because of you.
Good luck with that.
He's sending someone to get the resignation letter from you personally. I'm so disappointed.
Sarah Sanders looks like a poodle.
Stating a random obvious fact doesn't help this situation at all.
Cheer up, you could be sucking HER ****...

by Ranger77
Mr. Brown...are you out of your mind??
CNN is reporting that you admitted to drinking soy milk! Trump EMPLOYEES do NOT drink soy milk! It''s...downright... liberal.
I smoked a joint too.
Whatever. Don't change the subject. SOY MILK?? Gott in himmell...I have no idea how we can fix this.
I ate some avocado toast before bed last night and had a crazy mad sex dream starring Joy Behar. Kinda liked it...

by Ranger77
It was tough but we did it. I think we have everything for the antidote. What's up with the holodeck?
I don't know. It wasn't me.
Well, never mind. How fast can you get the supercomputers on synthesizing the cure?
Don't have to. Just got word. That EPA guy is fine now. I, like, smoked a big ole fat doink, took a nap, had some chocolate soy milk. I'm cool.

by Ranger77
Any news on our heroes?
We've got a smelly plant, .342 BTC and a tweet from the Russian Embassy calling us hateful bullies with a hastag of #FreeMaria
The usually weirdness. I kinda like this space station. I'm glad they asked us to help out. The technology here is amazing.
Don't go to the holodeck.
It'll only take me a few minutes to clean things up....

by Ranger77
8-05-18 you asked for the antidote, he said no and attacked you. You overpowered him and...started kicking him in the head. May I ask why?
He was Russian.
Sounds legit. After you kicked the quote/unquote "****" out of him you threw the subject through a storefront window across the street.
THAT was a mistake.
I see. Excessive use of force perhaps?
Didn't count on him to flail and scream in the air like that. Screwed up the trajectory. Was going for distance.

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