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by biancacardoso
Trapped ? They dont remember being trapped inside of a creepy place . The two dont even know eachother and there locked in. Questions are asked ..
*Wakes up* Uh what ? Who are you? Where am I ? Why am I locked in here ... WITH YOU?
*sleep talking* Shut up mom your dreaming *opens eyes* Oh sweet mamaaaa this isnt a dream.
The girl is creeped out . She doesnt know why shes trapped in with a coyote .. Little does she know sheis the answer to his problem..
WAIT 8th GRADE ? *takes deep breaths* Okay ill kiss you come here *Leans in*
Look... remember 8th grade you rejected me ? Well yea i hired someone to lock us in here. The only way for me to be human is a kiss from you. Kiss me ?
Now she remembers.. the boy she rejected was her first love.She reversed the curse and is now happy with Alen. THE END
Im embarrased.. Im sorry Alen i never meant to hurt you.. I loved you...
and I still love you ..
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