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On a street corner, somwhere in Baltimore-
Esss no fair,I worked so hard to come to America,and Meester Trump,he no give me the stimulus -
Dude,what part of "coming here illegally" you"no habla"?
by ralahinn1, 5-26-20

After one too many days in "Lockdown"-
Why are you looking at us like that, Tiger?
by ralahinn1, 5-24-20

by edoggydog

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
My six-feet social-distancing electro-shock force-field really works!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Feel the burn, *****!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

Dammit, I can't get past the super-goblin!
A2 up, then B1 left, moron!
You're an ofice plant... What do you know?
Okay, A2 up, then B1 left and... Wait. WTF?? The screen went blue! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!
That'll teach for listening to an office plant! MORON!!

by edoggydog
...and then I says to the *****, "Yeah, I am an ass! Hellooooooo??"
Anyhoo, I was watching a commercial and there was a black guy saying he owed the IRS a lot of money, but Optima Tax Relief® was able to fix his problem...
I don't believe it!
That Optima Tax Relief® can solve people's tax problems?
No, that a black guy could make enough money to have tax problems!

by edoggydog
If, you don't know who to vote for, you ain't black!
If, you weren't imprisoned in the 90's because of my crime bill for some bull**** crack possesion offense, you ain't black!
If, you don't play basketball, you ain't black!
If, you father children with only one woman and you stick around to help raise them, you ain't black!
If, you quietly watch a movie in a public theater, you ain't black!
If, you haven't had Optima Tax Relief® fix your IRS problems, you ain't black!

by ralahinn1
Hello, I'm a "Contact tracer"and I'm calling because your city health department would like some information.Question 1) Have you been tested,and what were the results?
In truth,I haven't gone for a test yet.
Question 2)Are you wearing "panties"?Uggnuggh-
What are you doing?Are you really working for the city?!

Look,Ral,another follower.
Thanks,Arbitrary,and Wb ^_^
by ralahinn1, 5-22-20

In a few days,President Trump will be visiting Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. This is what I imagine -
Well,hello there,little fellow -
I welcome you to the city,sir,as the city mascot and member of the democrats.You have done so much for us <3
by ralahinn1, 5-22-20

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