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So, can I count on your vote at tonight's union meeting?
Wanna let go of my ***** now?
Only after you let go of mine!

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll why my ****ing my kicked my ****ing ass. Fucking again.
If, you don't take the trash out right now, I'm going to *****-slap you!
Don't you mean, you-slap me?
No. Wait. Hold on. That would make me the...

OMG... A floating red fish!
Am I dead?
No, you're whacked out of your gourd on wasp pesticide!
How in the name of Denzel Washington did that happen?
The gook behind the counter at the liquor store sprayed it in your eyes when you tried to rob him!

Phil, we need you to go back out there on the curb and lure traffic into the dealership...
But, everyone's laughing at me!
You're a clown. They're supposed to laugh.
I know... I just wish people would take my clowning seriously.

Go away!
Another mistake!
by ralahinn1, 1-18-19

by ralahinn1
I've noticed a lot of Arabs coming here recently,any goat f*ckers here?
How can you call us goat f*ckers,that's a racial stereotype!
What are you going to do with that lamb over there?
What lamb?
Oh,this is my wife,quite the temptress,and not a goat.

Looks like Ted is on another one of his Lunesta® sleep-benders!
I think I'll go into his office and pee on his fake fern!
You do and I'll kick your ass, Donkey!
Ha, ha. I get it!

by edoggydog
Hey, babe... Wanna go back to my place?
Hell, no... You're too short!
Hold on.
How about now?
Can you do the same thing with your *****?

Hey, mom... Is that what I think it is?
"Yes... We hare having baked human head for dinner."
I can't feel my *****!

What are you doing here, Captain Obvious?
Watching you take a dump, Holly!
Is that some kind of sick sexual fetish of yours?
I'll let you know when you're finished!
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just here to change my tampon!

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