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Nothing like being on a farm...
...taking a farm-sized dump!

God, Jamalia has a nice pair of titties, and we're all alone in this cave... Think of something smooth to say to her, Sanderson, and she may sleep with you!
Think smooth, Sanderson... Think smooth... SMOOOOOOTH... SMOOOOOOTH...
Hey, Jamalia... Would you'd like to lick my taint as I jack off in your hair weave?

Meanwhile, back on Planet Air-Dick-monkey?-Ook!-times-three WTF...
Air Dick, monkey?
Air Dick, monkey?
Air Dick, monkey?

We're keeping the cat... You're fired.
Leave the ball.

"I'm not totally sure because they all look alike, but..."
"...I think the ******* who ate my priceless koi fish..."
" the second on from the right."

by Neo11
Hey Dad, did you know that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?
I did not. Who taught you that?
My teacher, Mrs. Thomas
Well, did you know that you can stop more sperm with a condom than with a sandwich bag?
No. Who taught you that?
You did son

by ralahinn1
Stand by for Actin News-
This just in-we found out the president is giving another surprise speech -
We are joining it in progress -
-and in conclusion, I understand today is "International Bat Appreciation Day ",don't think we overlooked you, because we haven't- here's a big shout out to Hillary,Michelle,Nancy,the Ladies in the -
-House and Senate,those lovely Ladies at "the View",Cher,Barbara,the "mad cow", and my ex's- may you have a joyous day!

by Neo11
Hast thou ever heard the saying 'fake it til you make it?' Legend is that you can make something a reality by simply believing it is true
Is that so? Interesting...
Later that day
HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Let it be known that I, the king, has the biggest **** in all the land!
Hi, I'm Dale. Are you the one who was wishing for a big rooster?

by Neo11
I'm glad you came in for this interview. And you've got a nice, firm handshake
Thanks. And you’ve got some nice, firm tits
Oh ****! Is there any way we could just start over? I promise no more inappropriate comments like that
It’s your lucky day, I will give you ONE more chance but that’s it. If not, this only lasted about 30 seconds
That’s what she said!

Somewhere in Mexico -
Aiii Chiwawah,we are changing de caravan's route,there is a strong need for construction workers in France !
by ralahinn1, 4-16-19

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