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May I help you?
Is your husband home?
No... He's out of town. Staying at a sleezy motel. Fucking your wife.
Do you know when he'll return?
When he's done ****ing your wife, dip****!

Aaaahhhh... Nothing like the beauty of the forest!
If, these trees could speak, I wonder what they'd say...
We'd say you're standing in a big pile of moose ****, you ****ing moron!
And, lovin' it!

I think you need to man-up matey... You need to be going inside and telling your wench what is what!
I tried that already. Why do you think I look like this?
This reminds me of the time I went up against Black Beard mano-a-mano and-
*Actually, that's then end of the story.
Geez, not another one of your lame-ass pirate stories!
Wait... I'm getting to the best part! I came home early one day, and there was Black Beard, ****ing my wife*.

"May I help you?"
We're here to be milked...
"No problem... Our bottling fee is $4 per half gallon."
Cool... Do we do it outside or over in the barn?
"Wait... We talking the both of you?"
Yeah... I'm good for three-and-a-half half gallons myself!
He usually comes like a Peter North two-hour spooge compilation video!

(Nope. Later that day, he got ran over by a gang of joggers outside Miles Square Park and lost use of his legs. And, his *****.)
I think I'm ready to go fight crime on the mean streets of Fountain Valley!

This is a note from your employer...
What does it say?
It doesn't say that, does it?
No... I couldn't help say what I was thinking.
Have you taken your tourette's medicine today?

This is your happy place, Maura?
Yes... Feel free to hug a rainbow!
With what? My *****?
It'd have to be pretty long for you to be able to do that!
It is... I accidently stretched it out when an elevator door accidently closed on it and I went up two floors before it released!

I be the Forest Gnome Thingy...
If, ye be needing some ****ing, pull out yer titties, so I can get to sucking!
I'm a nun... You should be saying such crude things to me!
Which one?

Now that my company has gone completely paper-less, I no longer have a need for my Recycle Goat...
How do I break it to him easily? How, indeed?
You wanted to see me, boss?
Quiet down... I'm trying tp think up a good way to tell you you're fired!

Looks like we found the murder weapon, coach.
Okay, good... Wait. Murder weapon? That looks like a common house cat.
Yeah. I know.
Oh, okay... Wait. Why are you showing me? I'm not even a cop.
Neither am I... It would appear RCLG already had the copy written before hitting the "random comic layout" button.
You mean, he doesn't normally do that?

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