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by edoggydog
I was in a car accident as a kid, and severed half my right arm off... So, the doctors gave me an experimental drug that would cause my arm to grow back.
Check out the ass on that busboy... COME GET SOME OF THIS, PACO!!!
Unfortunately, the drug worked better than they expected and grew back a whole new me with a major bad side effect: HE'S A FUCKING FAGGOT!!!
I've always thought Paco has a nice firmness to his pooper!

Don't tell me...
Still stuck on 110!

Bobby! I thought you said you weren't playing this game anymore-
I found out about the new character titles,I like "Silent, but deadly".You should use "General Pain",lol.
by ralahinn1, 8-13-19

Meanwhile, back at Blindman's secret lair... Which is not really a secret, because it's just a normal house in a busy neighborhood But, Blindman doesn't know that because, well, he's blind.
Are you ready to fight crime today, Monk Boy?
Yes, Blindman!
Did you hear me, Monk Boy? Fight? Crime? TODAY?? SAY SOMETHING!!

by edoggydog
I like to educate beings on alien planets about life here on Earth using a hand puppet...
...and the women with the biggest tits can make the men of the species do anything they want for them!
What are tits?
Do women let you squeeze their tits?

The murder rate in Baltimore is at 210 for 2019
Let's make it 2and a quarter, Team Baltimore ,you can do it!
by ralahinn1, 8-12-19

Hey, Ted... Your standing in the middle of a busy highway and you're fast asleep.
You hear me, Ted? Middle of a busy highwy? Fast Asleep? Could be dangerous? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!
ZZZZZZZ-**snort* What the..? Why did you wake me, Lizzy? I was in the middle of a great ****ing dream!
The one where you're have sex with Gal Gadot and a young Salma Hayek?
Yeah, but this time we're ****ing while filming one of those funny GEICO commercials!

Hey, Stickboy... Where do you want me to put this window?
Stickboy! Window! Where do you want it! Getting heavy! STICKBOY!!

You are feeling very sleepy...
Very sleepy...
Holy crap... This **** actually works!

And, this is where Cherylene's meth-shed burned down.
I can still smell the odor of burnt SudafedĀ®!
I put in a claim with the insurance company and they promptly had the police arrest Cherylene.
Actually, it smells like she was using Extra-Strength SudafedĀ®... No wonder she burned down her meth-shed!
Now, it looks like I'll be humping my deformed right hand the 5 to 10 years!
To recap: Cherylene burned down her meth-shed. Using Extra-Strength SudafedĀ®. Which was retarded.

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