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by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

by choadwarrior
You were on my flight on Friday.
Why didn't you say, "Hello?"
You're not A-List.

I can't believe they hired another unqualified black ***** just so they can check off two boxes on the Affirmative Action quota list!
She is kinda hot though... Nice ass, big tits, plump ****-sucking lips and... And... And...
Is that you, Rags?

Wow... Look at all the injured people sprawled across the street from that twenty-three car pileup!
Blood and guts everywhere! GROSS!!!
"Hey, Anders... Instead of standing on the curb giving unnecessary play-by-play, why don't you come over here and lend a hand?"
I can't lend a hand because I don't have any arms... But, I could lend a foot! Or a *****!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Are you thinking about little catholic boys dressed up in Harry Potter costumes?
Actually, I am!
Well, am thinking about butt-****ing aardvarks!
I think I need to layoff the, well, you know the rest!

Follow me...
Okay. Question.
Hit me.
Where we going?
To the other side of my cage, silly!
I think I need to lay off the late-night ***** eating!

What a perfect morning to drink coffee outside of the front porch...
I think I need to lay off the late-night ***** eating.

Good morning, Mrs. Pennynipples.
Forget it, Kaufman!
What makes you think I want something?
Because, everytime you come over with your stupid cat, you want me to help you dig out the dried semen out of his sphincter, right?
You know me so well!

We now look in at Overreacting Randolph at work...
Uh, oh... Looks like Randolph is over-reacting over something minor. What could he be over-reacting over today?
There is good chance that some of those children in the caravan from Honduras are mine!
Okay, maybe this time he's not over-reacting!

Is that what I think it is, Clanko?
What do you think it is, my negro?
World's smallest violin?
Yes, yes, YESSSS!!!
Can I, uh, **** it?
Only if I can watch!

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