Billy And Mom

by biped
Just look at all the pigs, Mom. All the ****ing pigs. Someday, Mom -- someday I'm gonna kill all the pigs. Oh, yeah -- they'll all get theirs, all right. In spades.
I'm increasingly worried about Billy...
Look, there's Mr. Wilson washing his Volvo...pig. There's Mrs. Green, walking her dog...pig. And the ****ing Lipschitz twins -- grrrr!!! -- pigs.
The...pills...don't seem to be working...
Heh, I'm just aching to kill -- why, you'll be so proud of me, Mom. I'll have the biggest body count ever. Bigger than Manson's -- why, maybe even bigger than Hitler's.
Maybe it's his ***** size...oh, the mysterious *****...

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Billy And Mom

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