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Hey little asian girl, has anything changed?
I'm Indian now.
by fugobo, 2-06-07

by Mustag
I am married.
I am getting married.

by Mustag
28 Years Later...
Suck, Suck, Suck, Crying, Suck...
Survivor will be back after these commercials.......
Tired of Beaches filled with hot young girls willing to......

by Mustag
Look to the Past
What a dumbass.
Fucking Agreed!
impediment, impediment, impediment.
You WILL burn in hell!

by Mustag
Fuck You! Make FUNNY Comics! Christ!
Fucking Imagine That! Way to be blatantly obvious, and stupid
Lip Balm?

by Mustag
Silly Mind
You sure do own a pathetic existence, just look at that over there. Just look at.. THAT.. over there man!
Good Fuck! You're right, who woulda thunk it.
Meanwhile, in a Place Close Close Away
VIS RAD Game VIS Game RAD Game Map Longhaired Gay Asian Porn Ebay Game VIS
I have a Fiance, and a potential career.
Good Fucking Christ! Must... Kill... Myself!
Lip Balm?

by fugobo
the funny thing is that i remember being extremely angry when i was in high school. generally getting ****ed off about hating life.
now i just feel like it doesn't matter. like nothing really matters at all.
it is a calming sense of apathy and self revulsion that allow me to sit here typing instead of crying.

by fugobo
*hit hit hit hit hit*
this is cool. you are pretty plastered though.
oh wait. sorry i was too drunk to notice that you are not attractive.
true story. except that the girl was never REALLY hitting on me.
you are attractive and really really stupid! **** me **** me **** me!

by fugobo
so hoplessgimper seems to finally actually have a girlfriend. I want to be happy for him but my life over the last couple of years has been ripe with general sadness involving females.
it climaxed recently. i have only thoughts of despair and seclusion.
thus, despite the interface change, i turn again to the stripcreator.

by BunnyDog3
Having a nostalgia-thon...
Man, don't you guys just wish it could all go back to the way it was?
Not really...I've enjoyed the last two years.
And give up the [casual] sex? No, I think that woud be a bad idea.
Nah, things always suck ass, so it would only be a lateral move...why bother?
*weep* My life is filled with retarded-yet-agonizing pain
You're still a ****ing ass-clown

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