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by Ranger77
Don't worry about the french fries thing. Call it fake news and hysterical derangement. You ready for Congress?
No. I'm, like, scared. I have no idea what the EPA does! Have you seen the people they DON'T chase out of Waffle House??
Hmm. Good point. If you get cornered throw in something about your faith in God and how your family has been persecuted. You'll be fine.
Dude. I'm like, an atheist. My family is my CAT, "Mr. Snuggles." You're asking me to be a poser and lie?
You haven't been taking your chemical castration pills have you?
I gave them to the cat. He's just been wandering in circles and binge listening to Infowars podcasts all day.

by Ranger77
Post Summit Interlude.... 7/16/18
Hey B, I just wanted to
I wanted to ask you if...
Later. Gotta untangle Chuck first. That's a lot easier than the knot you have going on inside...

by Ranger77
CNN is calling it "Dippin' Gate" and proof of how over the top and obnoxious the "new" Republican party is under Trump.
FOX NEWS on the other hand says this is just another example of harassment, political correctness and how socialism erodes your freedom in choosing condiments.
My response: I've been drinking since noon.
Beat ya. I started at 11:30.

by Ranger77
Incoming EPA Administrator Chuck Brown was chased out of a Waffle House last night by angry patrons and staff.
"We can't have that kind of person in here." manager and owner Mindi Bigbottom said in a prepared statement. "You have to stand up for what is right. Fuck civility."
It was later revealed that Brown was not asked to leave because of his association with Trump but instead because he ordered maple syrup with his french fries...

by choadwarrior
How has your first week been?
I really like everyone, but I’ve noticed one thing.
What’s that?
Nobody swears.
We don’t do that here.
I’d better watch my ****ing mouth.

by Ranger77
Bad news, Mr. Brown. Seems we can't just "give" you the position of EPA Administrator. You will have to go before Congress.
Don't worry. We are prepared to help you through a combination of coaching, mind control devices and chemical castration pills.
The pills are strawberry flavored.

by Ranger77
Let me help you with this. You're over your head.
I did a thing! The old guy got, like fired, for buying a bunch of **** and charging it to the government. I just did the same!
Um...ok. What did you buy?
Went, like, all out. Big box of Skittles from Costco! Multipack. Cost 20 bucks! Media will be all over me in no time!
First of all, you haven't started your EPA job yet so you wasted your own money. Second: You really have no clue do you?
Dammit! That's, like, why they want me so bad. Help. Me.

I hear the knob is some kind of door *****?
No, necessarily...
Then, necessarily, what is it?
I'll answer your question with a question: aren't women's nipples also called knobs?
So, what your are saying is if I were to suck on your knob, I would technically be sucking on your tit, and NOT giving you a *******, right?
There's only one way to find out, sports fan!

Bitch, you bettah listen up...
How should I open doors? With my mouth?

Hmmm... That's a knob, and knob is slang for a man's *****.
So, based on that, a door knob is really the door's *****.
That would mean every time I open a door by twisting its knob, I am unwiitingly giving said door a handjob!

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