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Cast of Recurring Characters on Planet WTF:

The Kain: Creator
President (Deuce)
Wuglia: Like Santa
AJ Squirrel: merc for hire
AJS Company: merc team
Officer Tandynuts: good
Bizarro Officer Tandynuts: evil
Karma-saur: karma bringer
Mr. T. Chicken: *******
The Masses (theater seats)

Other characters are misc...

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by brycekain
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has come out strongly in a recent GQ interview calling homosexuality a sin and likening it to beastiality and so on. As a representative of GLAAD, how do you respond?
We are calling for a boycott of the show, a boycott of the show's sponsors, and for the removal of Phil Robertson from the network.
But he's just expressing what he believes, which is protected by the first amendment. No matter how asinine that opinion may be to some people, it's still just one person's opinion.
It's not about the first amendment. It�s more about the America we live in today. Where Americans, gay and straight, are able to speak out when people in the public eye make anti-gay remarks.
Do you realize how hypocritical and contradictory that statement is?
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