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"What are you doing for 'Show and Tell', Butch?"
I'm going to circumcise Gary, Miss Crabbynipple.
"Sounds dangerous... Do you have any experience in circumcision?"
None at all!
"How do you feel about that, Gary?"

Meanwhile, back on Planet You're-On-My-Bench-Fuck-You x3 WTF...
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!

Every evening, Crabby stands outside his home feeding his baby, waiting for his wife to return home from work...
Mommy will be coming home anytime, baby Ashley!
The sad part is his wife left him seven years ago!
Anytime now...
What's even sadder is his baby was stillborned seven years ago (which is coincidently why his wife left him!)
*sniff* Smells like you're overdue for a changing, baby Ashley!

There's nothing like scratching your ass crack on a table leg!
You know, we eat off that table!
You also eat out my butthole during sex, so what's your point?

by bigworm
So then the Dr. asks me "What position is your body in when it flies you around?"
I told him it's powerless, just hangin' there underneath...
...all limp and whatnot.

by bigworm
I've always had a problem that I've just had diagnosed. The Dr. calls it 'HELICOPTER DICK SYNDROME'.
He asked me if it caused me any specific kind of problems. I said "Yeh, lots of 'em, like when it picked me up...
...dropped me in my neighbor's pool!"

I'd like to apply for the position of slaughterable animal.
by bigworm, 6-14-19

I could have any job at Burger King I want!
Get idea from grey stuff in head, (look same as putty to fix rip in tee-pee), before open ca-ca hole in face and let stupid word run like albino racoon with hiney rash off end of fork tongue.
by bigworm, 6-14-19

by bigworm
You talk like snake who travel up my mother nature buttcrack cave dumptown for picnic where commune with nature to eat like pig then come out to talk.
You're full of ****!

by bigworm
How about this weather?
Me thinkum it way too much other way from way when way way way too cold.
Please stop! Me not finished!
It too hot!

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