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That was quite a gamma ray field with flew through!
Yeah... It turned you into some kid of lizard man, and me a chicken!
Do you think we now have super powers like the Hulk or the Fantastic Four?
I don't know... But, I did lay a ****load of eggs this morning!
When you say "lay", you eally mean..?
I ****ed them!

Let me think... What question could I ask that he would never be able to answer? Oh, yeah.
Hey, Philip... What's 404,928 divided by 3,648?
That's amazing... How'd you know?
I didn't... That's the number of followers RCLG is stuck on!

Hmmm... There are no windows and there are no doors!
And, you say the walls are complete-ly sound proof.
What's your point?
This would make a excellent jackoff room!

by atomiclunch
Explain this, Mr. Spork.
Well Anders, the beings here are quite afraid of weapons. rather than have you show up guns blazing I asked Scotty to transport you...
Transport me what, Spork?
Uh, "unarmed".
You know I'm about to ****slap you back to your race's pre-logic days, right?
Admittedly, Mr. Scott was a bit um, literal in his assessment of my request.

by bigworm
Now that I have silence, I will now perform a daring and dangerous trick never intentionally performed by any other skull in the world!!!
PSSST! I'd rather be at home eating left-over egg plant.
TA-DA!!! I've just balanced the entirety of my weight on my upper jaw alone!
Left over egg plant = the runs... TA-DA!!!
I fear the excitement will do me in!
At least you wont **** yer pants!!!

by bigworm
For my next trick I need total silence.
Is everyone being totally silent?
Please remember that I have no ears and am completely deaf.

by bigworm
Dear Mr. Stage Director, I know I'm just a worthless skull, but I could use a mike!
How about adjusting it for me!

by atomiclunch
Wife again, Chen?
Well, actually...
Look, it's the White House! The seat of power! Home of the Pr-
I know! Go Prez! Send those damned chinamen back where they came from! MAGA! MA- wait...
As god is my witness, I have no idea how to proceed here.
Don't trouble yourself, dear. I've got this.

You clear on what I want you to do?
Kick Chen's ass?
No, that's my part... Your part is to eat him, dumbass!
But, isn't he Chinese?
Yeah. So?
I'm allergic to monosodium glutamate; MSG to the layman or laywoman or laytransgender or layladylay.

Take this down...
Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck-cluck, cluck, cluckity, CLU-U-U-U-UCK!!!!
What's that in english?

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