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I sometimes have to abandon the Air Dick in order to hold the line...
...because love isn't always on time!
Did you just quote a Toto song?

by atomiclunch
So, he says that someone told him the best way to win a woman over was to tell her she reminds him of another woman!
Ha! Then he tried that approach with Phreaky?! Even *I* know better than that!
HAHAHAHA! Who would tell him something like that?
Meanwhile, in the St. Louis metro area...
Okay, spill it, shortribs! You've been laughing about something all day! What's so damn funny?

"I'm not completely sure because they all look alike..."
"...but I'm almost positive the sicko that jammed his pipe up my husband's ass while he was passed out on the poop deck..."
" the second one from the right!'

Menawhile, back at the Cre8tiveTurdTeen's household...
What are you doing, son?
Trying to leave lame-ass comments on this RCLGuy's comics, but the ****er deletes them as soon as I leave them!
Well, instead of wasting your time with that bull****, why don't you click over to the want ads and try to find work?
Why do you keep pressuring me to get a job, dad?
Why can't you face the fact you raised a loser?

by atomiclunch
Man, look at Phreaky over there! What I wouldn't give to be 30 years younger!
You know what? I'm in a good mood today soooo...
Get over there and git at 'er!
I meant just ME ya omnipotent ****wad!
Mister? what part of me is my double-d's, anyway?

I'm not sure why you need to practice your ventriloquism in the bedrrom, but whatever. Go ahead.
R E S E P C T. Find out what it means to me...
Uh, why do you insist on using your ***** as your ventriloquist doll?
I've named the inside of my ***** "Urethra Franklin".

by bigworm
Not only did he give me 9 lives, I can have fish anytime I want!!!
I'm so hungry! Would you share some with me right now?
I dunno', maybe...
Lemme' ask my *****!

by bigworm
Dear Lord, I killed one of my babies last night!
Well I was just ...
Never mind! I retract that question!

by bigworm
Hmmm, *tut tut*
What are you acting so smug about?
Oh, nothin' much...
...Mr. 2 Lives!!!

by bigworm
This morning while saying grace before breakfast, I told the Lord I couldn't thank him enough for giving me the opportunity to die 9 times.
Was that supposed to be a joke???
Well, that is an improvement!

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