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page 3

Do you feel good about the closing arguments, Harvey?
I do. My lawyer pointed out that these women have found me in a very vulnerable position and are using their place of power to get what they want from me.

Of course, the answer is yes, Pete! But, why did you propose to me next to murder scene?
I figured getting married would ultimately be the death of me, so I thought it was the most appropriate location, Laura.
Oh, okay.
So, after hearing all that, you still want to marry me?
Of course, baby!

♫ ♫ Take a stairway to heaven.. ♫ ♫
♫♫ ...on a dark desert highway to... ♫ ♫

Monkey! Thanks for doing this.
No problem. You holding up okay?
All in all, I'm hanging in there.
Where's your walker?
Shit! Who the ****'s in charge of props?!

Monkey! You're back! Where have you been?
Had to lay low. Tweets about ***** grabbing, taint licking, and **** shaming are not as in fashion as they used to be.
So what brings you back?
You know how unattractive women hang out with uglier women to make themselves look better?
Harvey Weinstein wants me to sit next to him at his trial.

There's nobody here!
This place is wide open!
I can't believe my hard-earned taxes are being wasted on a bunch of books nobody's reading!
I can't believe there's all these books, I haven't been reading them!
Not that any of these young idiots can actually read!
Oh, wait... I can't actually read!

Yes, Billy?
Who's the real G.O.A.T.?
Kobe Woods!
You really don't know **** about sports, do you?

You have been FOREWARNED!
Ha, ha... Just kidding, Randolph!
Can I get some eats up in this *****? Randolph?

Meanwhile, back at the car bar...
Is she a cat? No, she can't be a cat! But, she looks like a cat! Damn, I'm so confused!
But, I have to say something...
I like your hair.
Thank mew!

Meanwhile, we join Stickboy checking out the sound-dampening accoustics in his new hallway...
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
(Are these great accoustics or what?)

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