Planet WTF 01

Cast of Recurring Characters on Planet WTF: The Kain (Creator), President Deuce, Wuglia (Like Santa), AJ Squirrel (merc for hire), AJS Company (merc team), Officer Tandynuts (good), Bizarro Officer Tandynuts (evil), Karma-saur, Mr. T. Chicken (*******), The Masses (theater seats). Other characters are misc...

by brycekain
I see things that are unknown to meat and space modules.
A kind of desperate box-based pantaloon?
Free, my friend. Go be the chirping of blanket vague.
I am not understanding your Russel Crowe. Do I heed the envelope?
You can not ask me such delusions. Indians only make wiki pages at night.
This is some good ****.

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Planet WTF 01

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