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Disclaimer: All jokes pertaining to my friends are in good nature. Where else can I find people who shag 15 year old strippers, or stick quarters in their nose, only to have them surgically removed with pliers? My friends are the greatest (and that's being truthful) Additionally, any resemblence of the "Quest for the Female Orgasm" series to my actual romance/sex life is coincidental at best and grossly optomistic at worst. If anything, it should try to explain all those odd couples you see walking around college campuses and shopping malls throughout America. Okay, maybe my work DOES resemble the time I dated Shakira and Natalie Portman at the same time (shhh, they don't know about it). What is the point of QFTFO? Hehehe, sucker, there is no point. I do mean some of the stuff I say in there but don't read too much into it. Just when you think it's getting serious, it's not. Just enjoy, folks :)
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by burkencsu
After a night of sex...
God this bitch is annoying. My dick says yes, but everything else says no.
It's not so much that I feel a need to be with YOU, it's that I feel a constant need to be in a relaitonship with ANY GUY.
I think we're going to have to go our seperate ways.
No orgasms, right?
Come to think of it, no there weren't...
I knew I shouldn't have given away that sybian!
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