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25 years.
How am I going to last 25 years?
You could learn a new language, get a degree, write a screenplay.
No. I mean how am I going to last 25 years as a sex addict with no sex?
I'm guessing sexual activity won't be an issue in here, Harv.

Thanks for visiting me Monkey.
Sorry I couldn't have been more help.
You could come back and visit over the next 25 years.
Wow. You'll be, what? 102 when you get out?
I'm only 67.
Really? The years have not been good to you Harvey.

Third day of deliberations.
Are you worried about all the notes the jury is sending to the judge?
Nope. It gave me a chance to slip my own note in there.
What did it say?
"Will you go out with me? Check yes or no."

Where are you going?
Not like that you're not.
What's wrong with a dress shirt, jama pants and flip flops?
You're overdressed.

This is it Harvey. The jury has started deliberations. Nervous?
Not really. After the open letter my lawyer wrote the jury about doing the right thing, I think we got this.
Some people might find the letter to be a form of jury tampering. An attempt to manipulate the system in order to get your way.
You're still not using that hashtag right, Harvey.

Do you feel good about the closing arguments, Harvey?
I do. My lawyer pointed out that these women have found me in a very vulnerable position and are using their place of power to get what they want from me.

Monkey! Thanks for doing this.
No problem. You holding up okay?
All in all, I'm hanging in there.
Where's your walker?
Shit! Who the ****'s in charge of props?!

Monkey! You're back! Where have you been?
Had to lay low. Tweets about ***** grabbing, taint licking, and **** shaming are not as in fashion as they used to be.
So what brings you back?
You know how unattractive women hang out with uglier women to make themselves look better?
Harvey Weinstein wants me to sit next to him at his trial.

And this is why you're here, sheep ****er!

Wrong stairway?
Wrong stairway.

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