William Shatner Milked My Cows

Captain's Log:Stardate:101506- We have once again ripped through the fabric of space and time to encounter our mirror doubles.
These are the voyages.....
It had occurred to me, that my double could be used as a scapegoat. Someone to blame for all of those bizzar role choices later in my carreer.
You are nothing but a Mother-Vulcan show off!
Look..at that...HAM! Chewing up...the scenery!
Someone needed to be held responsible for all of the odd numbered movies, bad record deals, and giving Adrian Zmed an acting carreer.
Grrr! I diserve to be nominated for another EMMY!
Hold it! Sensors show no one but a bovine is watching at the present time.

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William Shatner Milked My Cows

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