by coldpizza
In what's being touted as the biggest celebrity departure from Wisconsin since Laverne & Shirley relocated to Burbank, the Green Bay Packers have traded star QB Brett Favre to the New York Jets.
For more on this late-breaking story, we go to our Channel 3 sports affiliate, Sal Bigalow, live in Manhattan. Sal, how will this blockbuster NFL trade impact the price of cheddar?
Great question, Curtis. It may be a bit early to speculate, but I foresee a sharp decline in the price of cheddar this Fall. I also see a drop in the price of sharp cheddar. Only not as sharp.
What's the latest on former Jets QB Chad Pennington? Now on the outside looking in, do you expect him to turn to Thunderbird to drown his sorrows? Or will he proposition Suzy Kolber in a sober manner?
Well, as you know, alcoholism has proven to be the answer for other mediocre QBs, such as Tommy Kramer and Kerry Collins. Chad is a quality, classy mediocre QB. He deserves the bottle more than most.

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