Adrian Zmed is one in a long list of mortal enemies.

by crabby
Adrian Zmed was born to a middle class family on Chicago's North side. His father a plumber and his mother a ***** he was immediately destined for great things.
Adrian go get job at laundrohut because your father spend all money on ponies.
Hooray, I'm getting a pony!
Mr. Hut I need a job at your laundrohut to pay for pony feed.
Are you prepared to both Wash and Wash? There might be a name change in the far distant future and we want you to be ready for it.
This job is swell! I've made nearly five dollars in three months. I'll be buying pony feed before you can even say Grease 2.
I hope poppa gets home soon. He's been gone for three weeks after him and momma got into that fight about the pony he got me.

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