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"What are you doing for 'Show and Tell', Butch?"
I'm going to circumcise Gary, Miss Crabbynipple.
"Sounds dangerous... Do you have any experience in circumcision?"
None at all!
"How do you feel about that, Gary?"

Meanwhile, back on Planet You're-On-My-Bench-Fuck-You x3 WTF...
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!
You're on my bench!
Fuck you!

Every evening, Crabby stands outside his home feeding his baby, waiting for his wife to return home from work...
Mommy will be coming home anytime, baby Ashley!
The sad part is his wife left him seven years ago!
Anytime now...
What's even sadder is his baby was stillborned seven years ago (which is coincidently why his wife left him!)
*sniff* Smells like you're overdue for a changing, baby Ashley!

There's nothing like scratching your ass crack on a table leg!
You know, we eat off that table!
You also eat out my butthole during sex, so what's your point?

by crabby
So tell me about a typical day at your current position.
I have no idea what that means.
What do you do at your current job.
Well, I show up and do my job.
Thank you for applying. We'll contact you if you're chosen for the next steps in the hiring process.
I look forward to hearing from you.

by crabby
So I was reviewing potential candidates on Indeed last night and I happened to come across your information. Are you looking for other jobs? Should I be concerned about you leaving your position?
I go on Indeed from time to time. Mainly to check to make sure my job isn't being posted. I don't want to be caught by surprise like what happened to my predecessor.
No one wants you replace you.
Then we have nothing to worry about. I merely keep an updated resume on file if it's ever needed.
We're going to have to let you go. We can't have a Production Supervisor that isn't dedicated to the role. We'd like you to stay onboard for up to another six months as part of our transition process.
Oh wow! Well, I've been looking for a new job so we'll see how long it takes me to find one and then you can go **** yourself.

Oh mighty vent in the wall... Can you answer a question for me?
Lay it on me, little one...
The previous comic mentioned something about "coitis"... What is that?
It's when a man inserts his ***** into a woman's vagina (*pant*), and he thrusts it back and forth (*PANT*) until he UUUUUNNNGH!! NUUUUNNNGGH!!!
You okay?

Go ahead and do it, Butch... I deserve to be stabbed in the back for sleeping with your wife!
That can wait... But first, were you able to make my wife achieve orgasm?
Yes... She came like Niagara Falls at high tide!
Really? I can never make her come!
Try inserting you thumb in her ass during coitis.

May I help you?
Is your husband home?
No... He's out of town. Staying at a sleezy motel. Fucking your wife.
Do you know when he'll return?
When he's done ****ing your wife, dip****!

Aaaahhhh... Nothing like the beauty of the forest!
If, these trees could speak, I wonder what they'd say...
We'd say you're standing in a big pile of moose ****, you ****ing moron!
And, lovin' it!

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