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by choadwarrior
How has your first week been?
I really like everyone, but I’ve noticed one thing.
What’s that?
Nobody swears.
We don’t do that here.
I’d better watch my ****ing mouth.

I hear the knob is some kind of door *****?
No, necessarily...
Then, necessarily, what is it?
I'll answer your question with a question: aren't women's nipples also called knobs?
So, what your are saying is if I were to suck on your knob, I would technically be sucking on your tit, and NOT giving you a *******, right?
There's only one way to find out, sports fan!

Bitch, you bettah listen up...
How should I open doors? With my mouth?

Hmmm... That's a knob, and knob is slang for a man's *****.
So, based on that, a door knob is really the door's *****.
That would mean every time I open a door by twisting its knob, I am unwiitingly giving said door a handjob!

by UnknownEric
So as I said, there are always multiple sides to every story.
So what's the best option?
Sue a side!

by choadwarrior
Carnac the Magnificent will now use his borderline divine ways to determine the answer to the question in this hermetically sealed envelope.
And now open the envelope and reveal the question.
Where should you go after an ORGY?

This isn't good...
The homeowners' association is fining you $500 for not landscaping your backyard!
But, I have a good excuse.
I don't think having no arms is going to work this time!
That's not it... Trump's cracking down at the border, so Home Depot® has no Mexicans!

by choadwarrior
Are you a coffee drinker?
I'm a coffee snob. I weigh my beans, use a burr grinder for consistency and have a temperature-controlled kettle for my pourovers.
I love coffee too. I stop at Starbucks every morning.
I see. Well, do you know where I can get a great cup of coffee around here?
There's a Keurig in the break room.
I don't think we're going to get along.

My I help you?
Is your wife home?
No... She's at the motel. Having sex with the gardener.
That sucks!
Tell me about it.
I mean, is she open to upgrading to a door-to-door salesman?

Look, dad...
Before you tell me I need to go get a job for the thousandth time, there's one thing you need to know about me.
And, that is..?
I'm lazy as ****!

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