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by cubed
Back at the Pimp Lair...
I don't have it LoLo, business has been really slow. There just is'nt a calling for hoes who specialize in DVDA with Disney characters on smack.
You see when LoLo don't get his money it makes him look real bad in front of all those other clown crackwhore pimps. Just the other day I was being taunted by that dirty mother fucker CoCo.
I know LoLo, I feel terrible about the whole situation, but I need a fix bad, that rich mouse Mickey stopped callin saying he's "all born again and shit!!!"
Like rocks in the pipe so are the Pimps of Our Lives...
SHUT UP YOU DIRTY WHORE!!! I don't give a fuck, you dont get shit till you get my money. I don't care if you sell your right kidney, I want my money, now give LoLo some of that sweet dildo head sugar.
Please not that LoLo, I just had my makeup done, I don't think I could handle a technicolor facial right now, my ass is still achin from that gerbil escapade with that freak Goofy.
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