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Ghetto. Beatnik. Blues. Restaurants. Rap. Gangs. Dykes. Criminals. Drugs. Whores. NON-Smoking. Bums. Jail. Pimps. Crack-Hos. Welfare. 911. Cops. Wiggers. Illegal aliens. Ebonics. Coffee houses. BASICALLY=THE CITY!!

by daddydoright
I wonder what I should do today?
How's about getting off your ass and making some ****ing money so we can have something to ****ing eat around here!
Well I'm all set for job hunting again, but I don't have a college degree or any job skills, but I do have a criminal record, and a whole bunch of psychological problems!
Great than let's get you a free welfare check, free rent, free food, free utilities and free medical care!
Wow I get all that for doing nothing?! Why would I ever want to get a job if I can get everything for free?!
Now he's catching on!! Oh yah I almost forgot, they also pay you more for every kid you have, so let's get busy!

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