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These comics in one way or another pertain to MOVIES. Some just use a line from a movie as a title. I know I'm being redundant putting THE JERK series in here! But I think if you think about it you'll know why.

by daddydoright
"It's reallly great to be here! We gotta great 'scheeww' for you tonight! I see we gotta a packed house so I hope all of you are ready to have a good time"
Let's give a great big Joe's coffin welcome tooooo..... THE FLYING ZUCHINNI BROTHERS!!!!
Thankyou! Thankyou very much!
"WOW! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who would have thought being dead would be so much fun!"
Hey you down front! SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!No comments from the Peanut Gallery!

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