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What are you drinkin',boyo?
Who do I have to kill to get a Corona? What-too soon?
by ralahinn1, 2-27-20

by ralahinn1
I say, Percy,did you know there's a shop on Etsy called "Ship a bagof ****s"that will ship "gummy ****s" anonymously?
Really? I never knew that.
Guess what you'll be getting on your birthday ?

by ralahinn1
I'm laughing again,sis-
Why is that?
I'm amused by all those people who come here offering goods and services-
You'd think they'd pay to hire a professional to handle their advertising needs.
Maybe they doan hab 5 dolla?

The murder rate in Baltimore for 2020,so far, is 45.
It's an election year,things will heat up by summer
by ralahinn1, 2-24-20

I'm looking forward to this presidential election. It's fabuulouse there's a candidate named "Booty judge" who's gay!
I could stand behind someone like that.
by ralahinn1, 2-19-20

Excuse me,are you the head nurse?
by ralahinn1, 2-18-20

I say,Percy,they shutdown several days of "Price is Right"because Drew Carey's former girlfriend was murdered.
Really? I guess the time was right for Carey to take a vacation.He had nothing to do with her death .
by ralahinn1, 2-17-20

The murder rate in Baltimore for 2020 is 43.
-and it looks like Team Baltimore is trying for a new record ! Go for the gold!
by ralahinn1, 2-17-20

by choadwarrior
So I'm sitting there on my tuffet and you won't believe what happened next!
A spider sat down beside me!
Oh my god! What were you doing on the tuffet?
Eating my curds.
No whey!

by ralahinn1
The Jewelry store R&B singers make a new commercial-
We have beeen singing,yeah,yeah,about the joys you can bring your love wit Jewelry since jes'after Christmas-
Now even the big day is through-
So we have a simple message for youuuu-
So nice for Valentine's day to add spice to your life-but you gonna get it,you went cheap on your wife.Fast foods not the place to go-
and she found the sales slip for the gift you gave your side chick-
So unless you want to see me sooon ,go visit the Jewelry store once again!

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