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by ragu4u
So is your sister ready for our date yet?
The ****'s just about ready.
I think I'm all prepared.
For what...building a house?
Well, didn't you say everybody nails her on the 1st date?
Forget the condoms, sis!

by ragu4u
Somewhere in Cuba...
A box of fine Cuban cigars, por favor!
No way, gringo!
Well then, what can you sell me under this new Obama agreement?
Same as always! My seester, but the enhanced version. I go geet her, OK?
You think he gonna like my "Britny Spears" look, mi hermano?
Muy Bueno, chica!

by ragu4u
Crap..WW: 99 is gonna be a ***** to make funny!
You'll just have to try harder, that's all!
Right you are, sir. I'm off to become unbeatably inspired to win!
How so?
Now where the hell did I put that DVD of "Road House"...the Directors Cut?

by Lord_Vodek
Come on Linda you're taking forever we are going to miss the play
Okay, okay I'm sorry. But real quick, does this human make me look fat?

by ragu4u
The CEO gets depressed...
"126 dead in Pakistan bombing today...."
Nothing but BAD news! I need to take a walk.
...but as he leaves to clear his head...
"...but while the rescue workers sorted thru the bodies..."
...he's still in earshot of the TV....
"...they found that most of the dead were young children."
Aha...finally...some GOOD news!

by ragu4u
She just doesn't get that many customers, big daddy.
I spec my *****es to perform so get her ass over here!
Bambi said you wanted to see me, boss?
Maybe he's right. Those nylons MIGHT help!

by ragu4u
Sean Zimmerman born in Cleveland...
Well sir, your wife gave birth to a boy.
What time exactly?
It was on Sat. Dec. 13th at eleven minutes after 10am. 10:11 12/13/14?
Why yes. I guess so.
Maybe I ought to buy lotto ticket.

by ragu4u
Go right in, Ms. Jolie!
These red spots you've developed baffle me. Have you been under any stress lately, Ms. Jolie?
You mean other than being called a "no talent *****" & a "spoiled brat" who's career is circling the bowl?
I see! That stress MAY be the cause of red sores, scabs and vaginal warts you now have all over your genitals and rectum.
Let's just call it Chicken Pox so Brad won't cut off his "sausage" input!

by ragu4u
At the Vet........
What'dya mean my ***** gave birth to puppies with 8 legs each?'s due to a very rarely known canine sexual technique!
Oh yeah? And what's THAT?
It's called the "Pregnant Paws" technique!
No wonder it stinks of "Kain" in here!

by ragu4u
Go head. It's all clear. ...Cross NOW!

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