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by ragu4u
Vice President Biden said you guys gotta do a better job! Letting that nut scale the fence and ALMOST get to the President was unbelievable!
C'mon Senator...I did my part.
Oh? And what exactly was THAT?
I gave him a leg up, like you asked!
But you DIDN'T see that he followed through so no more chances for you!
Please...oh PLEASE! Tell Joe I promise that POTUS will get bagged next time.

by ragu4u
Say, nice outfit!
Thanks. Made it myself.
Aye, ye both be lookin good laddies.
These chainmail boxers sure do chaff!
So wha'ts wrong with me opening up Planet WTF to tourists?
You fool, it's the requirement you set that only men in skirts are allowed to come. Now...prepare to be vaporized!

by ragu4u
I'm here with former rocker & KISS band member Gene Simmons who is the new spokesman for "Tyson Foods". Nice outfit, Gene.
Actually, these are my normal street clothes.
They are? So what do you wear on tour?
Gene waits to speak at the Agra Fest...
You gotta be kiddin, boy!
It helps the buyers to "Think Chicken"!

by ragu4u
My name is Socrates, ergo, I am the father of the Socratic Method!
Really? My name is Haim.
Ergo, you must be the father of the Heimlech Maneuver!
In that case....
...I'm off to the patent office. I sense there's money to be made!

by ragu4u
I don't understand why you stopped commiting felonies.
Cuz when I commit smaller crimes I get tagged with a real bad ass nickname.
What nickname is THAT?
Mr. Meaner!
Book em, Dano!

by ragu4u
I don't know that I've ever treated a male nymphomaniac before.
So you WILL try and help me then?
I'll do my best. First off, do you have sex everywhere or just in certain places?
Actually...only in one place. It's funny that you'd ask.
Is it? And where might THAT be?
I shoot all my wads into envelopes. I already told you I'm a mail nymphomaniac. Don't you listen?

by ragu4u
Michelle, I just don't understand all the irrational fear of ISIS!
Gee whiz Barry...don't you realize heads are being lopped off?
Since when does the goddess of love and daughter of Osiris lop off heads?
Yes, my sweet raisin in the sun...
Remember when I told you to take 3rd World Politics at the University of Phoenix instead of Egyptian Mythology? THIS is why!

by ragu4u
What in the hell is all this..."Take a letter."...crap?
Isn't it obvious? All the TRULY funny comic makers here are using it a an opening line.
You don't say.
I DO say! But what do YOU say?
I say..."TAKE A LETTER".
What an insufferable nimrod!

by ragu4u
What the hell, son? I thought you said I could talk my way into a free beer here.
I told you dad, we were going to the library.
No you didn't.
You definitely said... the Lie-brewery!

by ragu4u
The price of ground beef has just broken $4 per pound and milk is at $5 per gallon.
More calves...I want MORE CALVES and that's an order!
I'm OK with increased production.
I'll just bet you are! Your udder refills twice a day but after making a few cases of Big Macs, I'm a goner.

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