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by ragu4u
I'm sorry ragu4u, but you are no longer a Catholic and can't worship here.
But THIS is a BAPTIST church, Padre!
So it is. I thought I smelled watermelon and fried chicken & chitterlings cooking.
Hey now, don't make me say something that might be construed as racist. In fact, may lightning strike me if I've ever said...
You were saying....?

by ragu4u
Zo tell me more about your terrible nightmare.
Well Doc, I dreamed I was a creature that split in two.
Un vut creature vus dat?
I'm thinkin... "Frankenstein".

by ragu4u
Am I making you "HARD" big boy?
...Clango made of iron!
Clango born hard... and will die hard.

by ragu4u
Adios, Bret... card cheatin S.O.B.
I gotta admit tho...I did cry after watchin the last scene in "The Notebook"!

by ragu4u
OK, now cross over into Gaza and just keep walking.
Trust me. Then when you get in a crowd yell "Alla hu Akbar"! Got it? I'll do the rest.
Ok, then...
A populated area of the Gaza Strip......
Oy vey! A suicide donkey?
Yeah! It gives the term, "blowing your ass off" a whole new meaning.

by ragu4u
Nice to meet ya'll.
I'm over here, fella.
Oh..oh yeah, THERE you be.
I just hate blind dates!

by ragu4u
Stayin alive...stayin alive! Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin alive, stayin alive.
Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah stayin Aliiii....
What the fu...?
No ya ain't!

by ragu4u
A ticket? For WHAT?
Unsafe driving.
I was in total control at ALL times.
The law states you must drive gripping the wheel with both ...
Here it comes.
...HANDS! Feet don't count!

Guess who NOW has 51 followers? WoooHoooo!
by ragu4u, 7-18-14

by ragu4u
Owner of "Busy Bee Janitorial" gets chewed out for doing a poor cleaning job at a tacky Biker Bar. He then retorted...
THIS is called a FLOOR!
It's meant for WALKING on, not PISSING on!

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