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by HCRoyall
I'm gonna make you squeal like a piggy!
Well, never gotten THIS reaction to threats of **** before...
::slurp slurp::

by ragu4u
Secret HQ of ISIS......
You've really gone and done it this time, brother.
In what way, Omar?
You made a total mess decapitating that Foley guy.
But Omar, I followed your guidlines to the letter.
Really? Then what made you use that puny Swiss Army pocket knife?
The Royalties.

by ragu4u
A time machine, huh? Send me into the future, doc.
This'll be historic!
I'm ready, doc! we go!
Moments later...
What the....?
Your future kinda sucks, don't it?

by ragu4u
A kitchen in Ferguson, Missouri...
You MUST eat your greens, Timmy.
I ain't gonna be's eatin no F'n vegables, ho!
Oh my...all this local TV coverage is ruining my child.
And you sho nuff best be gettin out my face.
But it's only just and right that you obey your mother.
No justice, no peas, Bee-atch!

by ragu4u
I'm here with Dr. Michael Baden who has just performed the 17th autopsy on police shooting victim, Michael Brown.
Tell us Doctor, have you seen anything similar to this victim in your past experience?
As a matter of fact I have. A swiss cheese.
Tell me you GOT that, Rodrigo!

by ragu4u
Haven't you ever thought of getting an education so you could better yourself?
I make $30 an hour with full benefits and 4 weeks vacation, mister!
You do?
Hey...where ya goin?
To apply for your job!

by ragu4u
The New York Times reports that "Lassie" is making a comeback...
Be still my beating heart. a series about her being the only female in a gang of ferocious pit bull males hell bent on....
On what? WHAT, damn you?
... mounting her, non-stop!

by ragu4u
Protesters take the "Hands UP...Don't Shoot" stance when confronting police in Furgeson, Missouri.
Hands up...
Don't shoot...
The police, however, used that very ploy against the protestors.
Hands up...
Don't shoot...
...and how did you get the crowd to disperse so quickly, officer?
I just climed up on the tank, got behind the water canon and yelled..."Anybody who wants to get sprayed, gassed or mauled by a police dog just raise your hands!"

by ragu4u
Mr. President, there's been a rash of I.E.D's and shoulder fired missels launched again today...
...killing hundreds of innocents. What shall we do?
Pull our people out of the Embassy and get them on the next flight out!
Ferguson, Missouri has an Embassy?
Son of a *****!

by ragu4u
Thank you so much for saving my cats but what about my wife? Is she dead?
Lemme go check.
Please, hurry!
Moments later....
Took a bit but, yup, she is now!

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