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by ragu4u
I sure hope this blind date isn't some loser.
Hi...I'm Billy!
Sadly, their date ended early!
Just leave. You humiliated me.
Gimme another chance. I promise I won't chew on any more tablecloths.

by ragu4u
You're WHAT?
I'm Indian, Sahib.
Don't call me that. Call me what the rest of your people call me.
What is THAT, Sahib?
Are you just plain stupid? Call me "Kimosabee" like Tonto does.
What's a "Tonto", Sahib?

by ragu4u
"There will be no Grand Jury verdict in the Michael Brown Case this weekend!"
I guess...
...that means...
...a quiet...
Son of a BITCH!

by ragu4u
I finally got a me date tonight.
So why the dopey outfit?
It's for protection.
She's pretty mean, huh?
Not really but she IS into cunningulus. I better bring some WD-40 just in case I need it.
You won't if you're doing it right.

by ragu4u
At home with ragu4u......
Ooh..What was THAT?
Oho...I thought it was YOU!
"Road House"
and stay out, perv!

by ragu4u
Pardon me but I'm taking a survey. Can you name a remedy for depression?
Ooh, ooh...remember what edoggydog said in his last comic about depression...
Cash-Jews! Right?
You'll be hearing from the A.C.L.U!
These Hebes ARE a nutty bunch!!

by ragu4u
Isn't it wonderful we now no longer must fear being deported?
Que? You no Latino!
Obama say "undocumented aliens"...not just Latinos!
Dats bull****, Heffe! You "towel heads" all get in on scholorships. We gotta tunnel under a fence!
So, you think my P.H.D. was in clerking the night shift at a Q.T., eh?

by ragu4u
Bill Cosby? I'm your biggest fan.
In THAT case...make yourself at home while I slip into something more comfortable, sweet-cheeks.
I'm also your love child...
Say wha...?
Mr.Cosby? Come back!.......Daddy?
Feet, don't fail me now!

by ragu4u
Piping pond scum through this device will create "potable" water.
Potable water, eh?
Rad, dude!
No..."potable" doesn't mean you can smoke it in a hooka!

by ragu4u
Avast there Cookie! What be ye puttin on the menu tonight?
Shark Fin soup, Cap'n!
Arrrgh!...Are ye tryin ta poison me, Cookie? To the plank with ye!
Oh no!
...but upon reaching the ocean floor...
So what's in the bowl?

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