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by ragu4u
Father, the plane is about to crash. Pray for us all!
Actually, I'm...
...not really a priest but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once!
We're all doomed! wasn't as bad as all THAT !

by ragu4u
Son, it's Sunday again. How do you think we'll do?
Ya gotta admit, Pops, the crowds have been dwindling.
We MUST find a way to bring the people back to church!
I have an idea. Leave it to me
And the Catholics loved the idea!

by ragu4u
But Gabe, why did you wanna meet here?
I was hoping we'd cuddle back at my place.
...I just thought you might wanna suck down a "cold" one here first!

by ragu4u
So will I like this blind date you got for me?
You be thankin me fo dis fine piece o ASS, my brutha.
I had better slap on the chick magnate.."Aqua Velva"!
She'll be waitin by the bar at 9pm.
The 9pm...
What's that horrible smell?
Whew...and I thought I smelled bad!

by ragu4u
It's called a "sickle", stupid!
Or, if you want to sound smart, a "scythe"!
"Some folks call it a Sling Blade". I call it a Kaiser Blade, mm hmm".
Did that guy smell like mustard, or what?
And biscuits too!

by ragu4u
Hey, ragu4u! You know how you never have any...
...comics listed as "Top Rated" or "Recently Popular"? I know how to rectify that!
And how would you accomplish THAT? Make a new category just for ME?
BINGO! Call it "Recently UN-popular"!
Blow me, you Commodore 64 wanna be!

by ragu4u
Our boy is sure gonna be ****ed!
Why? What happened NOW?
TV Land canceled "The Dukes of Hazzard"!
Oh ****!
We're sorry, but due to racial tension caused by the Confederate Flag, "The Dukes of Hazzard" will no longer be shown on TV LAND!
BASTARDS! I feel me a good old lynching comin on!

by ragu4u
Straight from today's headlines...somewhere in Maryland...Day 1
Push me momma!
OK but then I gotta do some more meth!
...Day 2
Momma I'm starving and got poopy pants! Stop pushing me!
You wanted pushing, boyo're GETTING pushing!
...Day 3...
Dead? Whadya mean "dead"? He ain't dead!
Oh yeah he is. That smell ain't from no poopy pants and stop freakin pushing him!

by ragu4u
Timmy, what should I be when I grow up?
My dad says a person should do what they're good at, Lucy!
I sure hope I figure out what I'm good at.
You will. Life has a way of sorting that stuff out.
Well Timmy, I found out what I'm good at!
I'm not sureTHAT classifies as "good", Lucy.

by ragu4u
In the beginning it seemed harmless...
Why not enter "ComicCon XV" on
Gee...this looks cool. I think I'll make a comic!
...but time passed...
What? STILL no winner?
Be patient gang. Creativity takes time.
...and passed and passed and passed!
C'mon, check just once more. There MUST be a winner by now!
Listen ragu4u, I already told ya. They're still waiting for Unknown Eric to vote. But sadly, the last they heard from him was back in 2020!

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