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by Beeko180
A while later...
Um... what the **** is going on here? Dorris?! Dorris!! Why is there some sort of black... cupboard thing in the middle of the break lounge?
So... the ramming thing didn't quite work out did it?
No, not really no. It seems to have rather aggravated the situation and made things worse instead of resolving the matter. Why the **** would you think that ramming it like a door would work?
That was your idea.
Let's not get hung up on whose idea is whose. The important thing is that your idea was wrong and we need a better one.

by Beeko180
I don't like it. Whatever it is, it has to go. It can't be there.
Do we kill it?
We don't have opposable thumbs.
We could try ramming it? Like a door maybe? You know how when you ram down a door and you come back and its just suddenly back again but slightly less ugly? Like it tries to "fix" itself or something.
. . . Yeah let's try ramming it.

by Beeko180
What in all the multiverses of actual living ****s is that abhorred thing in the women's restroom?
What thing?
Isn't it just a LOVELY morning?

by ragu4u
An Actual Event!
Ringling Bros. says we're O-U-T! They're gonna stop using us.
Oh no. What are we gonna do NOW? Maybe we could try mating!
So Jumbo & Mumbo knocked boots...
Oh yeah..right there.
Hold still..I almost got it.
...but 615 days later they realized, with the birth of Junior, they were siblings!

by ragu4u
Vacationing in Rome with ragu4u...
You're sure there's an adult channel available in all the rooms.
What the hell? There's only one stinking channel & it's all NEWS!
But you promised you had adult stuff on the TV's... is for adults. We show it on our only channel, 30. You know...XXX!

by ragu4u
I just hate this. I know something has to be done about it but I keep avoiding it.
I'm at a stand still.
Sorta like one of those "elephant in the room" things, huh?
Huh? Not exactly! It's more like a elephant "****" in the room kinda thing. bad! That alfalfa hay gives me the runs!

by ragu4u
Well folks, why do I get the feeling Pablo Picasso also...
...decided to use the shadow of Monica Lewinsky's dress in HIS work, as well?

by ragu4u
In the beginning...
That's right, we want YOU to represent our brand!
...but in the end....
Need a light, Marlboro Man?
*cough* *cough*

by HCRoyall
All right, we'll try this again. I call to order this meeting of Pantsless Alcoholics Anonymous.
But we're both pantsless and drinking.
Next week then?
Sure thing!

by ragu4u
So, you going off to college, my brutha man? Gonna be tapping all dat fine young ass, huh?
Yeah! I gots me an all expense paid scholarship!
You don't be payin fo nuttin?
Yup. My momma tells me it gonna be free room and board.
But the truth is......
What the hell? They ain't no *****es up in this college. And I gots ta buy my own food too? My momma said I get free room & board.
Actually, what our letter of acceptance really said was that you'd get ..."free room & bored"!

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