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by ragu4u
Late in the 1980's....
What game ya wanna play?
I dunno. They all suck!
Hey you or get outta the way!
Those two gimme an idea for a game!
Ha! What would you call it... "Ass Monkey"?
"Donkey Kong"!

by ragu4u
Sorry, Father. It looks like nobody is coming today.
They just need the proper incentive. Here's what we'll do...
Alright Father. I sure hope this works...
Trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong?
Next Sunday...a packed church...
Are you Sister Mary? I gave the bald guy outside in a black suit $20 & he said Sister Mary was giving head!
C'mon, let's get this over with. Service ends at noon and you're only #3 out of 100.

by ragu4u
Oh's sooo cool! You'll love it!
Scouts honor!
I can't wait to tell my friends.
You're kiddin us, right?
No way. There's a cool secret hide-out under the floor at Mr. Gacey's house. Wanna see? He said "The more the merrier"!

by ragu4u
I'd like to pour champaign on those bosoms and lick it off, my friend.
You'd what?
That's when she said..."Champaign is for my REAL friends. Real PAIN if for my sham friends."
And THEN she whooped yer ass?

by Beeko180
And what of THE Mother****ing Kevin "Jesus H. Saviour Christ" Costner amidst the blood and destruction done in his name? Kevin set off from Africa to find the way to his destiny. To find his path.
He journeyed across the seven great seas of the world four score times in search of teachers, and prophets. For 497 years of his immortal life he ran all the while. He ran so that he could fight.
I walked a lonely road. It was the only one that I have ever known.
And when it was finally time after 864 more years, the great and powerful, wise and immeasurably chiseled THE Mother****ing Kevin Costner climbed the 9000 and 1/2 steps to Phil Fishgar.
It is time, my child...
Yes... it is time.

by Beeko180
And so it was that an epic battle of the fates ensued, an eternal invisible battle with no beginning and no end depicting the reality-long struggle between the infinite forces of life and death...
Across all of time and space and all manner of universes Vi-Yoda as he came to be known throughout legend fought to keep Death at bay so that the bodyguard would fulfill his ultimate destiny...
And Death fled back to his expected duties after what seemed like so long a cold, cold war... at least it seemed that way- for death was not alone in this. He served another. A Master.

by ragu4u
As the bagpipes play....
...the wrestlers say....
...adios to Rowdy "Hot Rod" Roddy
Hmmm...a piper for a Piper. How appropriate!

by Beeko180
Well, okay, if you insist.
Like, zip zip, bro. I'm like super fast, you know.
Okay... I'ma a be quick to the point on this one. You're just... old, man. It's not cool. You need to just, like, stop doing that.
That's not very effective...

by Beeko180
Run, Kevin, Run!
Vigoda We meet at last. You were a fool to face me here. I have an army ready to be risen on command. You are no match for my POWER!!!
Power? Power, you say? You come into my territory, you start causing trouble in my neck o' th' woods and you're talkin' 'bout power? You listen to me pally. NOBODY has power here but me, okay?
So be it... if it is a fight that you want then I raise my glove at thee, sir, and I do so slap thee with it!
Aha! 'Tis a duel to the death, that I say that I do concur with! A good rough-you-up ought show you your place, you filthy rapscallion, you!

by Beeko180
Anywho, I'm afraid I just simply cannot let you go. I've spent far too much time and effort in my attempt to corner you here to let it all go to waste. You will come with me.
Not if anything to say about it, I have!

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