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by ragu4u
At the Halloween party.....
Great costume, baby!
Thanks but the guy behind me has the BEST costume here. In fact, he makes me horny as hell. thing led to another...
...leading up to THIS!
I don't know why, but that costume turns me on so much I'm dripping.
Costume? What costume?

by evil_d
You overcharged me, you stupid Indian! Go back to the Bering Strait!
I'm not that kind of Indian, sir.
Fine, then go back to Tenochtitlan!
I'm the kind of Indian who actually comes from India.
You don't have to make up a country called "India"! We Americans aren't as ignorant as you think!
I'm duly impressed by your educated racism, sir.

by ragu4u
According to this memo, the Giants beat the Royals last night.
Really? So?
It's a major event. Don't you even care?
I NEVER watch "Game of Thrones".
I'll bet ya watch "Downton Abbey", don't ya, FAG?
Hey...I heard THAT!

by ragu4u
Latest NASA Launch...3...2...1...liftoff
...6 seconds later... $200 mil. wasted...

You're stupid, and you should go to hell.
by evil_d, 10-28-14

by ragu4u
Listen mate, get off the football field!
This is a soccer field, dummy.
That's what I said....FOOTBALL, you bloody yank!
A stretcher? REALLY? I barely breathed on that faker!

by ragu4u
ragu4u views
Damn...I guess this dude thinks the more words he uses, the funnier his comics are?
What was THAT, critical insight?
Don't mock me, ass-hat! finally admit I'm an asset, huh?
Deaf as hell AND definitely an ASS-HAT!
I'm so happy I think I'm gonna cry...*sniff*.

by ragu4u
Why's mama think old Mr. N'Griffy next door is poor, papa?
I didn't know he was poor.
Yeah...mama does nothin but scream about it all day long.
I had no idea.
Flashing back........
Pornography, pornography, pornography. Clean up your smutty life you filthy old coot and GET A JOB!
He HAS a job, mama. He sells us kids his sticky old magazines for $20 a pop!

by ragu4u
So, Oscar Tavares, now that you're season is over what are your plans?
I going take my beech for a drive down to de levy in my chevy back in de Dominican Rep.
Drive safe, Amigo! The roads down there suck.
Hey...what can go wrong, punta?
But FATE interceded......
And now for my Puerto Rican rendition of "Dead Man's Curve".
Aye chi wah wah!

by ragu4u
I could NEVER be a human!
And why is THAT?
I'd probably do something really stupid because of my "label".
Like what.
What the f...?
Because it's who I am...that's why, you old coot!

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