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by ragu4u
A pox upon me! A comic contest that has to rhyme?
Yes, and an entry from you iz a waste of time!
I'll enter and win! Just vait and see.
Nix, nix! Don't do it. I beg I plea...
Yet my idea is a good one, tho you feel I should chuck it?
I shant change your mind. Aw... go ahead...fuq it!

by HCRoyall
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
For first date small talk, that's quixotic; it makes you seem weird and neurotic.
Yeah, I got nothing. I'll spring for dessert.
Zabaglione, please!

by ragu4u
8 am......
Paper or plastic, sir?
Bout time you showed up. Where the hell ya been?
This little piggy went to market.......ASS-HOLE!
That settles it. Pork chops for dinner!
Nosey old *******...

by ragu4u
Is the new sitter you found on "Craigslist" coming tonight, Papa?
I not sure but I gotta go work NOW. If & when they arrive let them in.
A short while later...
Who knock on my door?
The sitter!
The following morning...
That sitter looked kind of rough to me. What did you two do all evening?
We played horsey, mostly, and he "road me like the slant eyed gook punta" that I am. Papa, do ALL horsies' poopers hurt after they get ridden?

by ragu4u
A possible crime scene...
*SNIFF* Whew...there's gotta be a dead body in here.
I better find the light switch & get to the bottom of this.
Aha! Case closed!

by FactoryRejects
There we go. I have made man, in my image.
He doesn't look anything like you.
...You're already disappointing me.

by ragu4u
Well, we lost another client! Who made up that hare brained ad campaign, anyway?
uh.... was that guy over there!
So what did he expect from a hare?

by ragu4u
*sniff" *sniff* Whew...did somethin just die round here?
Damned cabbage!

by ragu4u
That boy of yorn got my lil gal pregnant. Drag his "A" out here!
But sir, you must be mistak...
Get over here darlin. This punk's boy is gonna marry yer ass.
Ok,ok I'll get him but you'll see how foolish this all is.
Moments later.... looked a lot older at the motel! How'd they let ya'll even get the room?
I's called a fake I.D... *****! is so absolutely great....
Those *******s went and F'd me AGAIN!
by ragu4u, 7-06-14

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