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by ragu4u
Alright, how did it happen THIS time?
It was like this...
Earlier at the Gallery Party.....
I'd give anything for more punch!
You want it? You got it!
Chen, here in U.S. "punch" is also a beverage.
NOW she tells me!

by ragu4u
Ninety Eight...Ninety Nine...One Hundred! Coming ready or not!
Found you!
ok my turn!
...One Hundred! Ready or not here I come!
That's what YOU think! Yum!

by ragu4u
Excuse me, sir? Tell me how you feel about "Letterman" quitting.
What? No more Letterman?
Correct-a mundo!
That ungrateful *******. We'll just see about THAT!
Then, the following day...
I been outta work for over a year and YOU think you can just up and quit? You deserve to EAT LEAD sucker!
What the fu..?

by ragu4u
My mate & I can't seem to be able to make any babies, doc.
Send your mate to exam room 1 for a few tests.
Name please?
MY name is Leroy. Why do you ask?
Aha! THERE'S the problem.

by ragu4u
Stephen King developing..."It"...
That's the name I've chosen to give you. End of discussion!
"Pound Foolish"? Really?
You want I should go with "BOZO"?

by ragu4u
Oh's about to happen again!
I can feel it. I'm about to burst into...
This is getting old, Gary!

by ragu4u
5-18-15 wanna join "Fight Club", huh?
Ah so!
Whad'ya just call me?
I see they let you join!
Actually, no!

by ragu4u
So...what do ya think?
...if I'm forced to choose I'd say...
..."K-Y Jelly" tastes much better than Preparation H"!

by ragu4u
You can't sit there.
Yeah, it's OUR bench!
Don't see your names on it!
Even I know a "pork" bench when I see one!

by ragu4u
There will now be a ROUND 8 in Comic Cup XV. ragu4u vs. jes_lawson!
What the fu...?
Can't take the heat, big boy?
I don't know if I can remain so extremely funny for that long.
Extremely funny? When's THAT gonna start?
BITE me!

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