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by Tterb
Wow. You haven't made a comic since 2012.
See you in 2021.

by evil_d
Andrew, I've sent you a batch of employee performance reviews. I want you to go through and weed out the lazy ones.
Haha, nobody says "weed out" Mr. Davis, you mean you want me to smoke them up.
I'm not asking you to give them marijuana, you nitwit. I'm asking you to sort them out so we can get rid of them!
So wait... we're firing the lazy people?
Man... working for a company that makes pot holders has been so different from what I expected.

by ZMannZilla
You seem nice. You seem very nice. But "nice" won't get you into Heaven, sir. If you want to spend eternity in Paradise, you need to join my religion.
But I'm afraid I don't believe in an afterlife. Why would I join your religion?
Think of it this way: if YOU'RE right, we both get the same thing - nothing. But if I'M right, the last thing you'll see before being dragged into hell is me being smug.
Ah, so a wager of sorts, one with nothing to lose and eternity to gain. Makes sense. OK, I'm down. Convert me, padre!
Excellent! Now spend all your Sundays in my church, give me money, hate whoever I tell you to, and follow these rules I probably made up, or you'll still go to Hell maybe.
Wow, okay, this is like you convinced me to adopt a baby, just so you could kidnap it and demand ransom.

by batFucker
Saw this ad for some bodywash. Showed some dude getting girls like crazy once they smelled his bodywash.
Seriously stupid.
Chloroform works way better.

by batFucker
They say the best gift is giving. They say it feels good to make other people happy. So you should always try to give what you can. But you know, there's one thing I've learned you shouldn't give.

by batFucker
My daddy passed away the other day. It was horrible. And he was mad at me when he died too. It was awful. I could tell he was gonna pass soon, so I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss.
Guess I shouldn't have slipped him the tongue.
And stabbin' him all over probably didn't help either.

by LuckyGuess
i wonder if any of those old in-jokes are still running
no one will remember you

by LuckyGuess
i sure made a lot of comics about girls
all married
some about you
also married
didn't you used to crash your car into trees? like, often?
more like THEY crashed into MY DICK

by LuckyGuess
it's been five years. are you still sad and poor and unfunny
life turned out okay, actually. i'm pretty successful. make the news once or twice a year. what about you?
we haven't talked in half a decade. all the characters from these comics are gone now
oh this is gonna be sad now isn't it

by LuckyGuess
oh hey
been a while i guess
we've been through a lot, haven't we? so many years. so many kind-of-racist-jokes-but-also-i-was-15-so-those-don't-count
and that's what's important. none of the racist jokes count
racism doesn't count

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