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by ragu4u
So THIS is Mogadishu, eh?
Yup. Anything goes here, brother!
In fact, you and The Undertaker can kill each other eight ways from Sunday & nobody will even notice!
We coulda had THAT action in St. Louis, Missouri without the 16 hour flight.
St. Louis? HELL NO! We ain't goin there.That town is so dangerous the Ebola Virus won't even go there!

by ragu4u
Daddy it's the middle of the night. What was you & momma just doing in here?, well sweetie, we were making sandwiches. Yeah, that's it! Making sandwiches!
Sandwiches, huh?
That's right sweetie, just sandwiches.
OK then, but ya better wipe off the mayonaise running down yer leg!

by ragu4u
While rapidly losing altitude......
I need the "Sky Marshall" like NOW!
I know we're crashing, but are you gonna let this guy actually do THAT?
Yes I am. Now sit down, buckle-in and pray!
Geez...who am I to tell a dying man he CAN'T blow himself?

by ragu4u
So...was THIS the Sheriff's last rodeo or not, Peyton?
Peyton Envisions His Future....
I'm gonna ram this plow-jockey's ass all the way back to OMAHA!
Bull? What bull? I don't see no stinking bull!
Peyton? PEYTON? You listening, fella?
Maybe Larry King was right! Next year..."BROOKLYN"...hut!

by ragu4u
ragu4u takes his truck to "the shop"...
My old truck is gonna cost me HOW MUCH for a lube job?
Only $900.00 or so!
There's absolutely NO WAY a lube job can cost $900.00!
Oh yeah there is?
And what might cause THAT?
A "UNION" workforce!

by ragu4u
What'll it be, old chap?
We elect to receive!
Sheeeeeeeeeee-it man! We's wants ta receive
No can do, you bloomin bounder! You LOST the toss.
Who's dumb idea was it to play "Super Bowl 51" here?
Hey, ya know what they say..."England swings like a pendulum do..."!

by ragu4u
Listen up skoit, I'ma gunna keep beaten on yas till I hears de safe woid!
Take THAT and THAT and THAT you little tramp!! hehehe
So "Police" WAS the safe word?
No way! Is you stupid are sumtin? It's "Brinks"...the ONLY woid in safes.

by ragu4u
"Super-Clappy" Saves the Day...
Yeah! Methinks I'm gonna rub myself out! I ain't no super-hero like you, Clappy! I'm just stupid!
Want Clappy to make you instantly smarter?
Is THAT even possi...
"Voila" Now you're sharp as ANY genius!
Whoa...he sure knows how to get a point across!

by ZMannZilla
Martin loves his holodeck. Every day, Martin pretends to be his favorite comic book character.
Time to be destroyed, Herpes The Clown... For I, THE MASKED PENIS, must destroy you with my mighty BUTT-THRUST ATTACK!
I dare you to try!
Except today, when the power went out.

by ragu4u
After "ragu4u" vs. "The Undertaker"
You musta put up a helluva fight, dude!
Too bad we BOTH lost!
Which hurt ya "Chokeslam" or the "Tombstone"?
You didn't use either, actually!
Well SOMETHING killed us BOTH!
Ya don't recall? I tripped climbing into the ring & broke my neck. Then YOU laughed so hard you swallowed yer tongue

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