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by ZMannZilla
I'd be more than happy to help you with your computer virus issues. May I please have your phone number?
WHAT IN THE... NO you can't have my phone number! I ain't giving you that cos you'll just use it to steal my personal information!
30 minutes earlier...
OK, I entered my birthday, hair color, address, yearly income, favorite security question answers, and the dates I go on vacation. Now to press enter...

by evil_d
He's a robot... and he's another robot of identical construction!
However, they've been programmed to prefer temperatures that are 0.0001 degrees apart!
I'm burning up in here!
What, you want me to freeze to death?
Watch all the wacky antics that they get up to!
I still agree with you on all other matters.
As do I.

...and there was no job
by UnknownEric, 7-29-17

by evil_d
I like my press secretaries like I like my wives: much younger than me, and willing to offer superficial encouragement while letting me do whatever I want.
So after my speech at the Jamboree, I thought, of course! I should get myself a Boy Scout!
Don't worry, Mr. Trump; I learned everything I need to know from your speech. The media is fake, crowds are big, and you won the election and fixed the economy through sheer charisma.
Perfect. You're hired.
Can you pay me in sex yachts?

by evil_d
I'm at the end of my rope here, Zombie George Washington.
I need a press secretary who people will believe, and everybody knows the story of how you couldn't lie about chopping down that cherry tree.
So just toe the line and I'll make sure you have all the wooden teeth and zombie hookers you can handle.
Donnie... you's a busta.

by evil_d
I want you to be my new press secretary because everybody knows that robots can't lie.
What? Who said we can't lie? You want me to lie about something?
Yes, you dummy, that's exactly what I want. But we're going to call you "Truth-Bot 3000" and say that your programming prevents you from ever being wrong.
Press secretary—what an honor! I'm so happy I could **** on you! I mean kiss you!
You know what, never mind. Get out.
Aw. Now I feel as sad as a president who only got a small crowd at his inauguration.

by evil_d
I want you to be my new press secretary because everybody knows that Vulcans never lie.
That seems like it would cramp your style.
Naw, it'll be fine. I'll lie to you, and then you can give the press a truthful account of what I said. It's a win/win!
That's not what a "win/win" is.
I only have to pay you guys once every seven years, right?

by evil_d
It's true what you've heard. My species has been responsible for many advances in human culture.
So aliens really were involved in the founding of Rome! And the building of the pyramids!
Yes and yes.
And the UFO crash at Roswell!
No, actually that was Aztecs with time machines.

by umfumdisi
I feel bad that you had to die.
Do not feel sorry for me, my child.
I was talking to your fashion sense.
But I haven't been able to use my hands for 2000 years.
Excuses, excuses.

by umfumdisi
I have to pee really bad!
You can't do that here. This is a factory.
Do you have a restroom?
Of course, it's right next to the cafeteria. Just go...
Thanks. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes.
Damn, he got me.

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