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by ragu4u
Gathering the cast....
Hey...where the hell is Sam Elliot?
He's doing "voice-overs" for pick-up truck TV ads. I'll be playing his part, Mr. Swayze.
That'll never work. You look too young.
I can fix that. "MAKE-UP"!
but then....
Are you nuts? No way! You look like a Nigerian "Mr. Chipps".
So I guess my Mo-Ped is out too, huh?

by ragu4u
It's bring your kid to work day...
Is this the place, daddy?
What place is that, sweetie?
You know...the place where you butt booger that ***** of a secretary you hired.
Later, back at home...
Did you enjoy yourself at work with daddy today?
It was kinda boring till he bought me a pony & a go-kart!

by ragu4u
I hear the desserts here are great?
So let's eat!!
I got rocky road! What did you get?
Mine was a smoothy!

by ragu4u
Who da **** is YOU?
I said..."WHO DA FUCK IS YOU!"
Why...I'm the master of....
My Ding-a-ling? I think not!

by ragu4u
How'd ya get that thar scar, bucko?
My blind date was so beautiful I was shocked!
So the first thing that scurvy looking beast says to me is..."BLOW ME DOWN"!
The nerve of that guy! So THAT"S when ya cut him, right?
A **** poor opening line, I'd say!
So now ya tells me?

by ragu4u
I can see yer butt crack!
You can? How?
Your fly is open, stupid!
Damn these zip up the back chinos.

by evil_d
My son is five years old now, and let you tell you, I'm having some real trouble with his PENIS.
I'm sorry, his...?
PENIS! Stands for Pre-Education Necessary Information Survey. I have to fill it out before he can start kindergarten.
That's terrible.
You're telling me! And if you think my son's PENIS is hard, you should have seen my daughter's!

by ragu4u
Ebola? Really?
What? Can't keep up?
It's the stink I can't stand.
I'll fix THAT!
*sniff* *sniff* What's that funky ass smell?

by ragu4u
In the office of "ragu4u"......
I hate to admit this but the ******* has NOW got 53 followers.
S'up, bee-otch?
What? Cat got yer mouse? hehehe
Ya see what I'm dealing with?

by evil_d
Go get the rocket launcher; it's right around that corner. There's nobody there.
>KABOOM!!< You are dead.
WHAT?? That guy was not there before! He's hacking the game! Dude, tell him his mom's a *****. I checked her file and she totally is.
yor mom = *****
Jim, you're the worst guardian angel ever. Clean out your desk.
Your mom's a *****!

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