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by ragu4u
Your vacation flight to Kuala Lumpur is booked, sir!
FLASH...Over 2200 dead in a 7.8 earthquake in Kuala Lumpur...
On seond thought, **** it! YOU go & don't forget my wife.
As you wish, sir!

by ragu4u
Chen at work...
I'm actually a nice guy but... must still bow to my supremacy!
...then at home!
You got into it again with that new I.T. boss, didn't you?
The two-faced *******!

by ragu4u
At home with ragu4u....
I bet yer real proud of yourself, aren't ya?
Shouldn't I be?
HA! Look in the mirror and ask yourself that, butt-wipe!
Why do I even listen to that little "Mac-Air" wanna be?
The dope doesn't even realize he now has 60 followers!

by ragu4u
You were in "Robin Hood", right?
Yup! And YOU were in "Excaliber", correct?
Yeah. Nobody made better stuff about the middle-ages than us!
Unless you ask that fella behind me. His name escapes me tho...
Tyrion Lannister, thank you very much!

by evil_d
Vote for me for Candy Shop Customer!
Ho ho! You're adorable.
But you don't need to be elected to be a candy shop customer. As long as you have money, you can go right in and buy what you want.
I found out today that you're a ****ing liar.

by ragu4u
Get yer ass to the "Clearance Area", Neil, and clean up that mess.
Right away, boss.
Messes in the "Clearance Area" after a big sale are the worst...
People are such pigs!

by ragu4u
Now just step right on up to the mic and state why you're running for President of our "All Girl" High School Board.
Some run to better the future....
I believe the young women of today must be acedemically prepared for the future.
...but others run for the perks.!
Not ME! I'm runnin cuz dem *****es is H-O-T, wearing dem mini skirts & whatnot. I could be like gettin em all primed to work as my "stable ladies". Ya feel me?
So Mr.Pussimaster, now that I'm on my knees I'm supposed to put WHAT in my mouth?

by ragu4u
Today...somewhere in California...
Sorry, but I'm issuing you a $1000.00 ticket for "water wasting"!
You've GOT to be kidding, right?
Nope! This pool of yours is waaay overfilled.
Pool? What pool? I'm watering my grass!
You're what? Well then, let's just make that SEVERAL tickets.
Did I say "GRASS"? I meant "LAWN"! Yeah, that's it...LAWN.

by ragu4u
Oh ****...'s just about to hit the ground! Oh bad could it...

by ragu4u
Alright boy, drop down and gimme twenty!
Twenty? But...
BUT? "BUT" nothin, boy! Drop and gimme twenty!
OK, coach...but ya'll gots to wait till I gets back.
Where the hell ya think yer going, boy?
To my locker to gets me a $20!

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