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by ragu4u
On the set of "The Sixth Sense" it took..
You gotta help me. I see dead people!
...M. Night Shyamalan 200 takes to...
C-U-T! Haley Joe, it isn't time for THAT line! Why do you keep saying it? Let's take it from the top!
...replace Abe Vigoda with Bruce Willis!
..If this guy ain't dead I don't know who IS!

by ragu4u
On a recent FNC Interview....
So Mr. Trump, if elected President, what would you say to that protestor behind you?
"Make America Mexico again!" MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN!"
Before or after shooting, castrating and deporting his sorry ass back to that cesspool of a Country he came from?
There you have it folks. Never a man to mince words, future President, Donald Trump!

by ragu4u
The Problem:
Your mom said the wedding feast ran outta wine.
And so she expects me to just snap my fingers and make more?
The Plea:
I guess so. Can ya do it?
Go back to the feast and tell her to worry not. The Lord will provide.
One Hour Later...The Solution:
Uh...can I help you?
I got fitty cases o "Manischewitz" on de cart. Where ya want it?

by ZMannZilla
Holy Curshwordsh Porkmam! I am, like, SHOOOO drunk right now! Lookit how drrrrrunk I am!
Yes, Porkman can clearly see Finchy is inebriated with liquors. This is not a compelling or interesting observation.
Ohmanohman Porkman... PORKMAN... thish one time, I got sho drunk dat-
Porkman will stop you there. "I was so drunk" stories only interesting to the drunkard and nobody else.
Waitwaitwait, what about thish idea I have f'r a movie? Wanna hear that?
Only if idea is Finchy goes home and sleeps it off because DRUNK PEOPLE ARE UNPLEASANT BOORISH ATTENTION HOGS!!!

by HCRoyall
8 PM
1 AM
8 AM

by ragu4u
We ain't gonna honor that racist on his birthday. End of story!
But John Wayne was a true hero!
Hey "Darkie", saddle up my horse cuz I gotta go save our women! At least the WHITE ones, that is!
Yowza, massa Duke. I'ze be spry fo ya massa!
To SOME....not to ALL!
To ALL the ones WORTH saving!

by Beeko180
What are you trying to say? Blacks aren't allowed to be jews?
Dude, of course I'm saying that. Have you not heard of the oppression overload principle?
The whaty?
It's the oppression overload principle. Society dictates that if you're grossly oppressed to a degree that's deemed too great for standard human empathy to comprehend-
If you don't want to hire me because you think I'll steal from the collection basket, just say so.
Yes- that thing. I don't want to hire you for that reason you just said right there.

by Injokester
Little one I will tell you now of the tortoise and the hare.
The tortoise was smart, but the hare was retarded. So the other animals violently ****d it to death, staining it forever with woodland cum.
And now it lives atop Donald Trump's head.

by ragu4u
Hey Crabby, I got rid of my toupees.
Why? Because they were butt ugly?
One was mangy as hell but the other mess I sold on ebay to some guy with more money than sense.
And now it sits on top of Donald Trump's head!

by Beeko180
You're not eating it. Nobody eats the dog in a good horror movie. End of story.
Didn't you say you're a quarter-African?
Yes. On my mothe-
Time to eat the dog.

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