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by evil_d
Are those needle marks on your arms? Don't think I don't know what that means, young lady!!
Calm down, mom! They're from giving blood!
Oh. Well... that's good then. I'm proud of you.
Just a couple more pints and we'll have enough to summon Yo'phuthogugl.
I hope he eats my ***** mom first.

by evil_d
Hello, Ms. West, this is your gynecologist's office calling.
You've been postponing your appointment for a while, but it's very important.
I'm afraid we must go down and see you sometime.

by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! The marching band in my ass can't find its way out!
OMG THE FINCHY why for is there a marching band in your prepubescent pooper?
They went in there to keep the archaeologists company!
Ah of course, perfect sense no wait hold up that makes LESS sense... WHY for also is there archaeologists in your adolescent anus?
THEY went in to study the remains of the entire cast of Turner & Hooch!
All this sphincter spelunkery and yet you still refuse to let me stick just ONE GODDAMN FINGER IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL BOY BUTT!

by Injokester
Hey Injokester, why don't you draw a big set of female and ethnic characters to address stripcreator's lack of ethnic and gender diversity?
No, it'll only lead to white men arguing about their political views on the internet.
But that's your excuse for getting out of everything!
It literally works for everything.

by evil_d
Please don't be alarmed. We merely need to run a few tests to update our data on your species.
Are you going to use one of those anal probes on me?
Oh heavens no. Those are old technology.
Oh, thank god.
These urethral probes are much more sophisticated.

by evil_d
It's not fair for me to be treated differently just because I'm white.

by evil_d
I don't know where I went wrong with you, son. You're fat, lazy, and unemployed. You've spent the last 3 days smoking pot and watching TV non-stop. What are you even doing with your life?
Proving white supremacists wrong.
Carry on, then.

by evil_d
Look, I didn't ask for white people to be naturally more intelligent.
I'm just saying, since we are, it only makes sense for our society to be organized accordingly.
Let me ask you, what all are you doing with your naturally superior intelligence?
Yesterday I solved the New York Times crossword puzzle in 30 minutes.
Thursdays are for chumps. Call me back when you can solve a Saturday.

by evil_d
I've found it! The world's smallest violin!
Can you believe it? I ask for a venti half-caf soy latte with two shots of caramel and they give me one shot! How hard is it to get a decent coffee in this town?
And not a moment too soon!

by mandingo
their relationship started on somewhat, shall we say... tenuous footing
hey, stop that kid, he's stealing my bike!
but as they grew they found in each other not only a best friend, but comfort in knowing they weren't the only one different from the other boys...
i feel things about you i don't think i'm supposed to
if it's love, how can it be wrong?
until one day, many years later, after society had finally caught up with what they'd known since they were boys, they declared their love to each other...
i do take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health, as long as we both shall live.
and i do... call no homo! ...THAT'S FOR MY HUFFY RANGLER, BITCH!

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