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by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! My torches are set up perfectly, and now Creepers and Skeletons won't spawn in my base!
Yeah, but if you put up torches in the corners like I TOLD you to, zombies wouldn't spawn in your house. That's like Minecraft 101.
Porkman didn't put in corner torches because they would look dumb and ruin the mood lighting!
Yeah, it looks like the zombies sure appreciate your mood lighting.
At least someone does.

by ZMannZilla
Before we get started, I am required by law to tell you that I'm a registered sex offender, which is stupid because both of the Boy Scouts involved were consenting.
It's yet another blatant case of government overreach, just like the time they violated my rights by breaking my toilet cameras at the daycare. Unacceptable!
It's like I told my pal Adolf at that NAMBLA meeting, "If Uncle Sam minded its own damn business, Uncle Chester wouldn't need to make little boys eat so much NyQuil."
That's why, with the help of all you fine folks at this orgy, I'm running for president. Any questions?
Obama's done some good things for the economy, but the work is far from over. What are your plans for continuing that success?
The **** is an "economy"?

by HCRoyall
Now insert me gently into your anus...
Ummm... the **** just happened there? You said "This reminds me of this time when I met a talking crab" and spaced out for 30 seconds.
That reminds me of that time I thought I was having a stroke...
What time? Right now?

by ragu4u
At home with ragu4u...
You look like the cat that swallowed the canary. Why?
I'll let Phillip make the announcement in the next panel!
What a D-I-C-K!
74 freakin followers? I smell a rat!

by ragu4u
What the hell...I can't see ****!
They say folks used to watch movies like this a lot!
Really? The screen looks blank to me!
What's that gizmo ya hung on the window?
I think it's to order snacks!
Maybe it's gotta be night time first? NAH, no way! That'd be stupid!

Lord we come!
Tampa Bay sucks!
by ragu4u, 5-26-16

by ragu4u
What did you just call me?
A "Lounge Lizard"!
How dare you insult me like that! I wouldn't be caught dead in a "lounge"!
Oh! So I guess you're more of a "DIVE Lizard" then, huh?
BINGO! Apology accepted! Why don't we blow this berg, baby?
Good idea. Just gimme a 24 hour headstart!

by ragu4u
Scissors cuts paper.
Paper wraps rock!
But I thought rock breaks scissors!
This look like a scissors to you, dumb ****?

by ragu4u
All you punk ass kids should respect us old timers on Memorial Day!
Oh yeah...why?, well...
Damned if I don't recall!
Senile old fart!

by Beeko180
Doctor Dinosaur! We have a problem! There's a patient in our E.R and we have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it. We've tried EVERYTHING.
I didn't understand any of that. Come again?
Super heat the zebra in a really, really hot bath and then freeze the zebra down in a really, really cold bath. Then because you won't have enough time to dry it before it goes into cardiac arrest...
Make sure you have a bunch of carrots on standby. Zebras are like... super scared of carrots for some reason. I've no idea why. It's kind of weird actually. But that should fix the superclot. Solved.

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