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by ragu4u
...Give Peace a Chance....
Welcome to the Israeli homeland!
So THIS is it? Then I must leave.
NO! Vait! Vhy must you go so soon?
Is he kiddin?
Moments later.... I get it!

by ragu4u
The "Hysterical" Andrew Dice Clay....
YO...yous guys. Have you heard? The world's best director is making a new film about the Ebola Virus taking over the world and it stars ME!
World's greatest director, huh? Who the hell is that, anyway?
Quinten Quarantino!
Ba dump bump!
Well? Do I get the comedy gig, or what?
Or what! NEXT!

by ragu4u
Go ahead, knock.
A few moments later...
Keep trying.
I don't know. Something tells me we should leave...QUICKLY!
...but as luck would have it....
A few seconds sooner and we coulda bagged us two coons, Paw!
Hush up, boy! Here, above the Mason Dixon Line, they call em "census takers".

You will note in your bulletins that there is no choir practice tomorrow night and I'm a flaming homosexual. Also, youth group meets at 4.
by HCRoyall, 7-31-14

by ragu4u
Somewhere in Liberia......
I see you,ve caught this viral disease too!
Yeah. What's it called again?
The "Elbowa" Virus!

by evil_d
Today's game continues a big rivalry between you and the home team, Jesse. Rumor is you've devised a new play for the occasion.
That's right. See, we hike the ball to the quarterback, then he deflates it and eats it. Then he walks to the end zone and craps it out.
Then we leave the stadium, find a phone book, look up all the home team's grandmas, go to their houses, and crap on them.
Uh... and what do you call this new play?
The Aristocrats!

by UnknownEric
God, I hate it when TOBORs DO that...
Excuse me, NOT ALL TOBORs.
Okay, yes all TOBORs.

by ragu4u
Will you grace my bed tonight, Chen?
Not till you bathe in a tub of "Summer's Eve"!
The following morning at work...
I, myself, would have worded that a bit differently!

by ragu4u
So this guy Gregor, in a dress, asked if you'd like to be killed, huh?
He sure did, ossifer!
Well, your safe now. He's locked up!
Gee, tanks!
But when Gregor meets his lawyer...
Aye man, tis true! On me mother's grave.
So I'm gonna tell the cops you actually asked him if he wanted to be "K-I-L-T-E-D"...NOT killed!

by ragu4u
FOUL! Illegal use of the hands!

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