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by ragu4u
Maybe...if mom can scare that "Undertaker" thug away my troubles will be over.
Ya think?
I don't see why not. Mommy scares the hell outta most everybody! I got nothing left to do but write more fabulous comics.
What if she bails out on ya? You still gotta write one important thing, and FAST!
And what might THAT be, wise ass?
It generally starts out..."I, ragu4u, being of sound mind..."

by ragu4u
"Fell down the steps", my arse! I'll bet "rags" handled you easily!
Actually, you're right. I didn't fall down the steps.
I knew it. I just KNEW it!
It was like this.....
I'm going, already!
Take THAT you little *****! I kicked that ninja's ass as a warm-up. NOBODY messes with my litttle boy "ragsy"!

by ragu4u
What's all that racket in the workout room, Coach?
I've got another guy in there working with ragu4u to toughen him up for his bout with "The Undertaker".
Really? Who?
SO...I hear you wanna piece o me?
Finally...somebody I might beat!

by ragu4u
So I bust in and take this ragu4u guy down, right?
If ya can! I been training him to defend himself.
Better be careful cuz he's a real predator.
Roger THAT!
But predatory techniques vary.....
You can't hide in there forever, fat boy!
Yes I can! Besides, mommy will be here any minute and then will YOU be sorry!

by Beeko180
Huh... I'm full now.
What to do, what to do, what to do...
What to do with all of these severed tits.

by evil_d
To amuse myself, anytime I hear anybody talk about "rock" or "the rock", I mentally replace it with "Dwayne Johnson".
The International Olympic Committee announced today that it would consider Dwayne Johnson climbing for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics.
♫ Just let me hear some of that Dwayne Johnson 'n' roll music / Any old way you choose it / It's got a backbeat, you can't lose it.... ♪

by ragu4u
I'm answering your ad for an instructor of Polish dance!
You what?
I teach the Polka and other Polish dances! Isn't that what you want?
Not quite. Follow me, please.
What I requested was "Pole Dancers". Watch the girls a while & if ya still want the job I'll see if I can get "Roll Out the Barrel" on the jukebox!
Unsee THIS! Unsee THIS! Unsee THIS!

by ragu4u
The anticipation that almost....
I sure hope this is good.
Me too.
...always builds just before...
The last show was way too flashy & elaborate.
Right! I hate those hyped up, dog & pony shows.
Where'd everybody go?
Beats me!

by ragu4u
ragu4u gets the news....
Jeepers creepers! It looks like "The Undertaker" is calling ME out to wrestle him. I need to train.
So you've been challenged to wrestle at the "75th Wrestle-Mania " and you want ME to train ya, huh? Challenged by who?
The freakin "Undertaker", that's who!
I didn't ask where you'll wind up when it's over. I asked who ya gonna wrestle?
This isn't very encouraging!

by ragu4u
Tell me again why you shot all those black folks?
To see if what was written on all their signs was true!
All the signs said was..."Black Lives Matter"!
"matter?" I thought they said "splatter"!
Book em, Dano!

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