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Criminal injuries compensation can be applied for by anyone who has been INJURED as a result of a CRIMINAL act.
It can also be applied for by someone who, because of a criminal act, has lost a relative or someone who they were dependant on.
It works on a tariff system, with standard award being paid out for different injuries. It is also possible receive compensation for loss of earnings.
Compensation should usually be applied for immediately after the incident. However exceptions can be made, if a valid reason is given.
However, if you've got a criminal past, you may be excluded . Strangely, this applies to any criminal activity whatsoever, even if it's got nothing to do with what youre claiming compensation for...
In fact, even of you don't have any convictions your criminal past may deny you elegibility. If the assessors THINK you MIGHT have a criminal past, they can refuse you compensation.
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